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Monday, December 2, 2019


I am so happy I have this new laptop omg I have been wanting to get one and finally yes! thank you Lord. You do love me and gave me one. Okay I am gonna start writing from now on yay!


Friday, April 20, 2018

Almost had a wreck

Okay guys let me tell you a story that happened today. Joanne is start of the week this week and she wants me to go to her school and drop her off early so I said yes. Jolaine wants to ride in the bus they were arguing but I said no so on our way to school I was on the T road and saw this truck coming had his right blinker on I said hmmm he's gonna turn on this road I am at so I will just go ahead and go and I was wrong he was going right in shell station after the road I am at so I hit the pedal was almost in middle of road and almost hit me and he slammed his break real fast heard this loud noise breaks dang Madelaine why did u do that I almost had an accident the guy almost him me and thankfully he got away from me and I am so thankful to GOD because he do watches over me and my children. It's my lesson today to be patience and not to rush. Lord thank u so much if the guy didn't pay attention I would have been in hospital today or be dead and my kids probably are injured but God protects me and my children he loves us.

Lesson learn: Be patient!!!!!

Jodel, Jolaine and Joanne God loves u very much....he takes u away from Danger...I am so thankful

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

American Express Card bonus

Okay guys, I signed up to this card American Express and I want you guys to sign up too. Once you get approved you will get $200 dollar after you spend $1000 on purchases. Pretty cool huh. I loved it. Sign up today go shopping and get 200 bonus. Yehaa!!!!


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Long time

Hello Everyone,

                           I am back blogging, I got tired of working I don't know I am not gonna work anymore. I am just gonna play and play online blogging browsing etc etc... whatever....

Anyway, I am gonna be blogging everyday I hope. Today is sunday me and Joanne didn't go to church I had headache real bad and Joanne had stomach ache. So anyway, I almost slept whole morning. Woke up Joanne was telling me that she was hungry and I looked at the clock it was time for lunch and here comes Jodel brought us food. So sweet...thanks Jodel for being so thoughtful and kind. You are awesome.

                          Well, anyhow I wanna get a new laptop because what I am using right now is an ugly old laptop called Dell. I wanna get a Macbook pro....sigh Daddy get me one pls.. haha whatever he won't buy me one. Oh well, guess I am gonna be using this laptop for long. WE have a fifty inches computer but Daddy is playing on it and Joey they are crazy addict about video games and I don't know why...

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Texas Independence

                        Got up this morning went downstairs and ate breakfast. Grandpa made us breakfast. He's very nice. Thanks Grandpa. After breakfast we headed to Washington on the Brazos. We got there around ten in the morning. We walked around and around. The best part of the day was lunch haha... I got me a texas kaboobs it was really really good the price was really really good to it was eight dollar per stick wow ha, we are getting broke...Daddy and Joey and Jolaine got sausages for five dollar each. I got me a lemonade for five dollar a cup shhh don't tell Daddy he dosn't know haha. Well  I wish I have known the coke was one dollar each. So after I drank the lemonade Jodel got cokes which is cheaper. Crazy I wish I can sell those there I will probably get rich quick by selling lemonade for five bucks a cup.

                          Anyway, we had a great time. It was a good day good food loved it. Good memories. But, guess what I am gonna tell yah, we got home I went upstairs and said ahhhhh glad I am here home I can sleep now then Jodel was telling me Joanne threw up in the floor and carpet downstairs. Ohhhh poor Joanne and poor Daddy and grandma cleaned the floor and I am glad I am up already up bcause I don't wanna clean nasty threw up hahaha... Don't read this Daddy okay..

                         I am so tired now I am gonna pass out...chika later again. bye

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