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Thursday, August 20, 2009


My little girl is really funny. When you talk to her you have to listen to her properly on what she's saying because sometimes she said something that you can't understand. Like this word "myself" she is going to say it" my elf" lol..So funny..

Anyway, I was in the bathroom this morning and somebody call on the phone I told Joey to answer the phone and he did. He didn't say "hello" though but he said "what"? lol....Makes me laugh when Joel told me about it. It was his daddy calling me.

Joel sent me a video in the email the other day about "the Ghost of Michael Jackson" my kids and I were watching it. It was a video, a joke - a news about Michael Jackson's Ghost. We were so serious watching it and thought it was real but it wasn't. It was just a joke. We saw this video that he was on his room and saw the black shadow flashing around the room back and forth and all of the sudden there was a black guy wearing black clothes and the scary face lol. We all scream! Both of my kids were crying. I was scared a little bit but I kept on laughing after that. It was hilarious!


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