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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My kids are here with us again. We dropped the Joel and Jodel at Mom's house Sunday and they just got home today. Last week they stayed at Mom's house 4 days. I don't know when Mom is going to babysit them. I am pretty sure Mom is tired.

Well, today we went to the mall with my friend Daisy and met Jobil there in Willowbrook Mall. It was so good to see them. We had fun today shopping at the mall. I bought lots of stuffs. Anyway, it is always good to go shopping without kids running around lol..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Addicted to online Sudoku

Guest post written by Emily Short

I got addicted to Sudoku in college. The campus newspaper printed a Sudoku puzzle every day along with the crossword and I learned how to play and got really good at it because I’ve never been a fan of crosswords.

Since I graduated I started playing daily online. I’ll play Jigsaw Sudoku on my wildblue internet on my laptop in the mornings when I’m having my first cup of coffee to help me wake up for the day. I found this great website around the beginning of my online playing endeavors and it still serves as my go-to. But I also like to watch some strategy videos and look up tips and hints online with my wild blue too.

Last Christmas my mom gave me a couple of Soduku books and I honestly don’t just like playing it on paper in a book as much as I do online now. I guess I got hooked to the version in the paper because I would do it in huge, boring lectures and was able to still look like I was taking notes.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Babysit again

My kids got home thursday, Mom and Dad want to babysit the kids again on Monday. Well, that's okay with me as long as Mom have energy to watch my kids. They always babysit my kids. It's really good if your parents or parents-in-law's are so close to you they are going to baby sit your kids as long as they want. I am so lucky to have my in-laws that are so good to me. LOVE THEM..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buy Tickets

Hey guys, if you want to watch lakers you can get Los Angeles Lakers tickets at ticket america.com gather your friends and your family and have fun watching lakers.
If you don't like lakers? well, then get you a concert tickets instead.

Ticket America is one of the good place to get tickets online. They have all kinds of tickets you can buy, you can get Boston Celtics tickets, Houston rockets tickets and many more.

If you love to go on movie theater? You can get some ticket at their website also. I just remember that my friend invited me to watch movies with them. They always go to movie theater every other weekend. Sounds fun!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kids not home yet

I thought Mom and Dad are going to dropped my kids today but they didn't. Joel called me this afternoon and told me that they still want to stay at their grandparents house. They really enjoyed there because their cousins are there. They are going to the Zoo tomorrow and on the way back home they might drop the kids here with me. It has been been 3 days that they gone. It's gonna be four tomorrow.

Well, I am here enjoying my time with Jolaine and it's really good too. My friend visited me here Monday, Tuesday I went to visit my friends in Pearland. I had fun too while they are away from me. I didn't do anything today because I am so tired. Tomorrow my friend here invited me to go her house they party again. Well, that's gonna be fun again. We are going swimming also fun fun!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving to Charlotte

Thanks to Elizabeth Kaleney for the post.

Moving to a new city was a pleasant experience since I followed a plan of action for establishing myself in my new city. I had visited Charlotte before making my final move and had purchased my new home. Before moving with my possessions, I had called the various utilities in my new city and applied to have all services turned on before I moved. I had also bought ADT security. When I moved to my new city, my first project was to install my home system alarm and to check that it was in operating condition.

That also gave me a chance to introduce myself to my new local police department and fire department. These activities would have seemed more complicated than they actually were if I had not taken the time to make a list of what to do first, second, etc. and followed my list to the letter. When purchasing my new home, I had also made arrangements to buy home insurance protection.

Kids at Mom's!

Joey and Jodel are at Mom's because their cousin Becca and Tyler are there. So right now they are enjoying playing together. They went there since Sunday. They are supposed to be home today but I am not sure now because they don't want to go home yet. They really had fun out there.

I miss them of course but sometimes it's good for me to have a break from kids (toddlers)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Manage Your Mail

Guest blog post from Joanne Limesche

Did you know that many people have their mail stolen while away on vacation? Unfortunately, this is all too true in this day and age. Before leaving for vacation, there are certain responsibilities one has for protecting his or her home. One of those responsibilities is making sure that the mail is taken care of by a friend, family member, or neighbor. One of the best things you can do before leaving for vacation is making sure someone will take care of any mail that arrives at your home. Before leaving my own home for vacation, I always make sure to call my sister and have her pick up my mail. I do this right after setting my home security alarm system. I never want to be the one that experiences having mail be stolen. I don't think I could handle it. Imagine being the one that has his or her mail stolen. Maybe you had an employment check arrive in the mail for thousands of dollars and now it is stolen. Or, maybe someone stole all of your personal banking information right from a bank statement in your mail box. You never want this to happen to you. It is stressful, tragic, and can lead directly to identity theft. Next time you leave for vacation, do not forget to manage your mail. It can be the smartest choice you ever make! It is also smart to get a security system for your home. I got one from www.securitychoice.com and it’s working great!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby First tooth

Is coming in. She is now 8 months old and I can see that her first tooth is coming in. She have fever right now and I guess some babies get sick or will get fever when they have her first tooth..I don't really know but that's what I remember when my younger sisters and brothers. They'll get sick when they have their teeth coming in..

Jolaine is now 8 months old. I remember Jodel she had her first tooth when she was 4 months old and she walked when she was 9 months old. She was so early and I don't really remember if she got fever or not when she had her first tooth. Well, I hope Jolaine will get better. She may got her fever on the weather last couple of days. I don't know..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My favorite Italian Cooking Show

Post from my friend Vanessa Widmer

Italian food has always been a favorite of mine especially dishes rich in aromatic spices and cheese with sauces. My favorite cooking show is Lydia's Italy. Before Lydia's Italy was broadcast I was only an Italian restaurant attendee but now I am an Italian chef in the making. Lydia's style of teaching makes me believe I am there beside her able to smell chicken caramelizing in the pan or able to taste the tomato and basil seasonings she used in one of her sauces. She brings viewers into her world by introducing you to members of her family and sharing recipes that are particularly close to her heart. My favorite episode came on right after I installed my new satellite TV that I got from looking for direct tv promotions Baltimore. She was in the kitchen with her daughter who helped her make Prosciutto Di Parma. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and I almost lost myself in the conversation. Lydia has more than a way with food but a way with people. She uses her cooking to connect with the people around her, which is something any great chef should master. I especially enjoy how her show steps outside of the box by taking the viewer on the road to the different markets and vendors where she shops around for the best bargains and teaches you how to look out for the freshest produce around.

Happy Birthday Joey

My son turned five today! Wow..he is now five. Happy happy birthday Joey. He is such a good boy I love him and thankful to God the that he gave me a son. I hope that God will always bless him and help him specially when he go to school. We got him a new bicycle and he love it so much. Hope he won't break it though. His last bicycle I don't know what he did with it but he broke the wheels lol..He is pretending like his Daddy he used his Dad's tools and play on his bicycle and breaks it.

Anyway, he is happy that he have new bicycle. Tonight we are going to Chuck E. Cheeses to celebrate his b-day.

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