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Friday, December 31, 2010


Joey asked to his Daddy: Daddy why does everyone in the house has curly hair except me? I think I don't belong in the family. (We laugh out loud after he said that) It was funny. We told him that he belonged to us we are just all different. Joey have straight and thick hair. We all have curly hair except him..

Friday, December 24, 2010


No classes from the 20th of December through January 4. Joey and Jodel spending time with grandparents and cousins. Jolaine is here with me she is kind of bored though she wants somebody to play with. The kids are gone for 4 days now and they will be here with me tonight Christmas Eve. I am sure Jolaine is looking forward to see them too. I can tell that she misses her brother and sister.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We missed the bus

My husband kissed me before he went to work this morning. It kinda woke up me up but I didn't even move and I didn't even say hello to him. It was just like I was dreaming. I was asleep I heard the alarm in my dream. I guess it was my phone alarm but I heard it in my dream. WEIRED.. I was enjoying my dream haha! I alarm my phone at 7 in the morning. I guess I was tired so anyway, I woke up and the time was 7:45 in the morning I was shocked! Joey got to go to school " I said".

I went downstairs and both of my kids are watching TV. They didn't even wake me up. Joey usually wake me up if he wakes up first but he didn't this time. I told Joey that we missed the bus for about 5 minutes. I put snacks to his backpack and Marcie took him to his School.

This was the first time we missed the bus but it's okay though Joey is in school anyway. It is easier for me if he rides in the bus though..

Friday, November 26, 2010

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shop at Zappos

Zappos got lots of nice coats from Michael Kors, DKNY and other kinds of brands. If you guys want to shop for jackets and coats online you can stop by at Zappos.com They also have coats for kids and for mens. There are so many things you can buy at Zappos like boots, handbags, housewares, jewelries, shoes and many more.

They got lots of things on sale right now so check out Zappos.com if you are planning to shop on Black Friday and on Cyber Monday. Most of their items are free shipping both ways and that's awesome unlike to any other store you have to pay for the shipping.

So anyway, shop at Zappos today and I am sure that you are going to enjoy shopping at their website.

I love their boots and coats. They are just so pretty. Happy Holiday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

At Mom's

My kids are at Mom's house. They are going to stay there for two days. Their cousins are there so my kids were so excited. It has been a long time since the last time they see each other.

Good to have a break sometimes not with my baby though. She is here with me hehe but it's really quite around here today. No school this week good thing!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Upset Stomach

Joey's nurse called me yesterday afternoon after I ate lunch. I just put Jolaine to sleep and then my phone rang. The nurse said that Joey threw up all over on his shirt, pants, socks and shoes and he wants me to get him because he is sick. So we went to his school and pick him up. On the way home he threw up at the car thank goodness we had plastic bag if we don't I am sure the car would me a great mess.

We got home I gave him pepto bismol, 5 minutes later he threw up again. What's wrong on his stomach? I don't know. He have been throwin up like crazy. Joey slept with his daddy yesterday evening watching him.

This morning he threw up again..hmmmm..I feel so bad for him. There is something wrong on his stomach and I just don't know what.

Well, this afternoon he wanted to play on the computer and he seems like he is getting better I hope. And please don't share it to me, to daddy, to baby, and Jodel. We don't want it. I know having an upset stomach is not so good so please don't share it to us son. I guess he got it from school..

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ten Habbits of Happy Mothers

1. Find time for yourself

Happy moms know they deserve a little time to themselves. When you know you're going to have a little room to breathe later on in the day, it's easier to take on everything that's in front of you. Our formula? Take 2 hours out for yourself every 3 days.

2. Don't make a happy baby, happier!
We all do it...you see your baby's head at what you're sure is an unnatural angle snoozing in their car seat. You just know they'll be happier if their head was straight. So you move them. And they wake up. Then they scream. Or, you see them playing happily in the sand. You just know they'll be happier if they played on the slide. So you interrupt them and move them to the slide. And they're angry. And they let you know they're REALLY angry. Here's the thing, they were happy. It can be hard to do, but if your kid's not complaining, leave them be! Happy baby = Happy Mommy.

3. Embrace the mess
So your house doesn’t look like something out of a magazine. That just means it’s cozy! Your children have hands coated in dirt from the playground and faces coated in spaghetti from dinner. It’s not gross—it’s an adorable photo op! Life is about how you look at things. Next time that pile of laundry that’s been sitting on the chair for three days starts to get you down, just remember… it’s probably feng shui.

4. Make time for your friends
Your family can survive without you while you make time to see friends. You are a woman with your own identity and its imperative that you and that identity go out for some margaritas once in awhile!

5. Stop blowing yourself off
While you may be the one taking care of everyone, it doesn't mean you can't also get what you want. Help your family realize your needs are as important as theirs and when mom is happy, everyone is happy, but when mom is not....

6. Get in the zone
Take 10 minutes to do absolutely nothing but rest. Take a break from your day, close your eyes, breath in slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat several times. Think about a place you love that is relaxing, spend 10 minutes there in your mind.

7. Remember your dreams and goals
Everyday we are encouraging our children to reach their full potential. But sometimes in the midst of being a parent we forget about our own dreams and goals. The best thing you can do to encourage a child is to lead by example –happy moms hold on to their dreams and goals and don’t let go.

8. Be lighthearted
Don't be the uptight mom. Be silly and dance with your kids to their music or tv show tunes. Be romantic and pull your partner into a waltz. Dance in slippery socks in your kitchen while making dinner.

9. Bend the Rules
One of the best parts of making the rules is occasionally breaking them. Maybe it’s taking your child out of school for half a day on their birthday, or waking them up in the middle of the night to see a sky of shooting stars. Happy moms know how to turn the mundane into fun.

10. Mind your own business
Concentrate on creating your life the way you want it. Take care of you and your family. Don’t get overly concerned with what other people are doing or saying. Don’t get caught up with gossip or name calling. Stop seeking the validation of others and be confident in yourself.

From yahoo!! just sharing it here at my blog

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Joey at ER

Joel took Joey to his doctor because he have a bad cough and also he got splinter on his hand that is hurting him so much (he got from school). Joel called me when he got there and told me that his doctor won't take care of his splinter and recommended to take him to the ER. I can't believed that they didn't do it. Anyway, Joel went to the ER and they spent the whole day out there. They took the splinter out finally but the cost is just too much. They paid 200 bucks copay for just that. I can't believed it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

We had a party at Anna's house. My kids went with me and they went trick or treat. They had lots of candies. That was their first time doing trick or treat.
We had fun at the halloween party! Until next year bwahaha. Halloween costumes at the store were 50 percent off wow. It's nice to buy costume after halloween.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tennis and Steak Dinners

Guest post by Jewel Cole

I like playing tennis and you will find my best friend and I constantly playing tennis throughout the year. Our wives like to complain that we spend too much time together and joke that maybe we really do not like women at all. We know that deep down they are grateful that we are not spending all our time drinking beer and raising havoc.

Tennis is a way to keep me mellow. If I do not get to play tennis for a few days I get anxious and restless. I am like a drug addict when they need their drugs. Before I leave the house to play tennis I set my home security alarm (MORE INFO) and then head out to my truck and then drive to the tennis courts at the park.

We always play tennis at the city park unless the weather is bad and then we will play at one of the indoor tennis courts we have here in town. Most days my best friend will meet me there and we will place tennis for a few hours. During the summertime we tend to play late into the evening.

My wife will usually call and tell us the steaks are about done and then we will rapidly head back home. A day spent playing tennis topped off with steak grilled by the wife is a great way to spend my days.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I love my neighbor. She is so kind she babysit my kids. Neighbor is really a big help. So if you don't know your neighbor you better be friends with them because they can help you, you need them and they need your help as well. Marcie babysit my kids. I am so glad we are neighbor I can trust her. She is like my Mother. She love my kids so much. She helped me a lot.

Friday, October 22, 2010

She's hurt

Jodel was playing with her tricycle outside and I don't really know what happened but she got hurt. She got a big wound on her right foot. It was bleeding. She cried out loud. I went to the store and bought a medicine. She can't walk right now. I feel so bad for her hope the wound will get better soon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tire Chains!

Feb of last year we went to big bear for a birthday party. It wasnt expected that when its time to go back to LA, storm was predicted in Big Bear. Along the road people are putting tire chains in thier back tires to prevent sliding down. Every one is required to put on tire chains for your safety and others as well.
Police are on-stand by to catch those cars without tire chains and also to direct traffic accordingly. Tire chains are easy to install but hard to disconnect.

Anyway, if you are looking for tire chains just check out tirechaindealer.com They have chains that are easy to install - not the ones that get people frustrated. They have many installation and product YouTube videos to make it easier to know what you are getting into when you purchase the products.

The most popular product is the Grip which installs in less than 2 minutes per tire and cost less than $100. The EasyToGo product is for ultimate ease of installation.

The Office - My Favorite Fall TV Show Premier

Content by Reid Dawson

My favorite fall TV show premier had to be The Office. It was by far my favorite first episode because of the new intern, Michael Scott's nephew. He only buoys my prejudice against young people and their intrinsic laziness. This is something I never understood, being that the youth are supposed to have all the energy. Yet it is a strange unsolvable paradox why those with the most energy seemingly are the most indolent amongst us. At first I thought it was the drugs, but then I realized through watching this episode that it was lack of focus.

The intern spends all his energy on music and video games, and is constantly distracted to where he does not pay any attention and screws up even the most menial tasks. This is indicative of all youth, especially my own son. As a consequence, I have decided to show him this episode of The Office over and over again strapped to a chair with his eyes pried open so they cannot blink. I also turn up the volume really loud so that he can hear it, as his ears have been damaged from years of rock concerts and other unsanitary activities.

It is only because I have satellite TV from www.tvbydirect.com/hd-receivers/ that I was able to watch this episode and do so in high definition. The decision to go with an all-inclusive package, including local channels, may have saved my family.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Left overs

Got lots of foods left overs. One of my friend is going to our house to help me eat the left overs this afternoon lol. Even though my friends took foods home I still got lots of foods here and cake also. I love the cake it was an Ice cream cake it was so good. Now, I ruined my diet lol. I don't really want to eat a lot because my belly is gonna get big again lol. I need to do more excercise..

A bigger cooking need

Guest post written by Robert Hall

We're going to have a need for much more cooking and food space pretty soon because me wife is due with twins in just a couple of months. So we're looking to expand the kitchen and a whole bumch of other parts of our household too.

But we thought that we'd start with the kitchen first because that's something that we all use. Once we started on the sears redo kitchen I was really excited to see how everything was going to turn out, including all the new appliances we were having them put in, which really was the biggest concern for all of us.

We decided to go with black appliances appliances although we really liked the look of stainless steel. It's just that some of our friends have stainless steel ovens and you can always see their kids' handprints on them. Besides, black appliances look just as modern anyway. We wanted to do it right if we were going to do it and think about what we'll want in the future.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jodel and Jolaine bday party theme tinkerbell

We had fun Saturday. Our party was succesful. We got lots of foods and the decorations turned out good. We cooked the foods and I order some at the restaurant. My friends really enjoyed staying at the party. And I am so happy that the party was succesful. They have lots of gitfs as well. Thanks to all my friends who came. Got more pics at my fb album.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hot Buying Tips From Real Estate Confidential TV

Guest post written by my buddy Fidel Hernandez

If you are a rookie when it comes to buying and selling real estate, then crank up the satellite TV from tvbydirect.com for the series called Real Estate Confidential to pick up a few pointers. Geared for the novice and starting from square one, Real Estate Confidential is a like a road map to success if you want to purchase a piece of property for your own use or pick up a discounted home to turn a profit.

Real Estate Confidential is basically a series of interviews and stories told by expert real estate buyers to give you a good idea of what's hot and what's not. In addition, you can pick up some valuable information about real estate financing for credit resembling the good, the bad or the ugly.

If you are serious about learning the tricks of the trade to secure a decent piece of property, then set your TIVO or DVR and watch each Real Estate Confidential twice. You can get valuable insight from segments off other TV shows, however, Real Estate Confidential is non stop action to bring you up to speed on the industry.

Real Estate Confidential started in 2007 and the episodes get more engaing every week. I learned enough in just a month to use the plans and strategies to house hunt without fear, from learning the business end of the deal to cosmetic repair for a fixer.


Yeah Jolaine can walk now. Really happy! Last night Joel, Joey and Jodel was doing jumping jack and push ups. Jolaine tried to copy them. She was trying to jump but she couldn't lol. It was so funny. She was laughing a lot. Anyway, I like it when they do excercise.

Jolaine is walking everywhere in the house and outside. Really cute!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Favorite Programs for Halloween

Written by Shannon Tillman

I can't wait for Halloween because for the last few years we have watched a super cute movie on the satellite tv from www.directstartv.com/localchannels/, "Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit." All of the Wallace & Gromit film are super cute, but this one is the best!

Wallace and his dog Gromit has a pest control service that keeps bunnies out of peoples vegetable gardens. But when a giant beast threatens the annual giant veg competition the two are hired to capture it by Lady Tottington who is an extreme vegetable enthusiast. This is all done in claymation and the characters and the little bunnies are beyond adorable.

There are some King Kong tributes and some adult jokes that are beyond the heads of little ones which make the film fun for all ages.

My kids both love the stomping and the howling of the were-rabbit. They imitate it all over the house whenever we watch the film which makes me and my husband laugh hysterically because they just look so funny running around together thumping their feet on the floor and howling at the ceiling.

The movie is great and I can't wait to show it to the kids again. I know that we will enjoy it as a family and who knows, maybe even the dog will get in on the howling session this year.


My son didn't sleep good last night. He was coughing a lot. I don't know why he always have a cough. He was very lazy this morning I feel so bad for him . I can tell that he is very sleepy. He can't even open his eyes when I woke him up. I carried him downstairs and put him at the couch while I was preparing his snacks. Ten minutes before we go outside I put shoes on him and really tried to wake up good. He took a shower last night so that was a good thing lol. It was a little bit cold outside this morning so I put a jacket on him. Hope he will be okay at school. I am always worried about him.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ready for Some Football

Thanks for the post from Kirk Wood

My husband and I love the Indianapolis Colts games, and Lucas Oil Stadium is one of the best stadiums we have ever gone to. Normally when we do not get to see a game in person, we watch the professional football games on satellite tv from www.ExpertSatellite.com dressed in our Colts hats and shirts pretending we are there. This is going to be the first game in quite a while that we get to see in person. My husband and I are taking his mom and daughter this time so it will be much more interesting. The three of us will be getting there early so we can grab some drinks and nachos and get in our seats before it gets hard to find them. Our seats are close enough that we will be able to see all the awesome players up close like Payton Manning, Austin Collie, and Adam Vinatieri. The whole team is out of this world. Even the coach for the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Caldwell, is a terrific man. Watching professional football up close and personal is the greatest way to watch the game ever. We are off to the game!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Jodel just love tinkerbell. I bought her a tinkerbell tent with backpack and flashlight on her birthday. I ordered more for the her party this weekend. I bought a new tinkerbell sleeping bag since the winter is coming. She could use it and a new disney princess comforter for her bed and a new tinkerbell DVD. She is gonna like it for sure.

My theme on her birthday party is tinkerbell.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My girls party

I am going to have a birthday party on my girls on the 16th. They are both born on October so Joel and I decided to celebrate their birthday together. Our theme is tinkerbell because Jodel loves tinkerbell so much so, anyway, I can't wait on that day to come. Hope everybody will be in good health and hope it will be a good day. Please don't rain.. :)

I Love Volunteering With the Fifth Graders

This guest post from Hong Alexander

I have never experienced anything quite like volunteering at my son's school. A lot of parents, including myself, work and can't do much volunteer work; however, I try to at least chaperone field trips. It's not always easy chasing fifth graders all day, setting my home security alarm from totalalarmsystems.com before I leave the house makes it a lot easier because I can really focus on the kids and not the safety of my home.

My son's class also does bake sales and car washes. These are great too and I love attending them every chance I get. Of these two I'd have to say the car washes are my favorite; the kids always have a splash of a blast.

The kids are getting to the age that soon they won't want parents around all the time so I'm going to squeeze in as much as I can before he kicks me out of his school. I think before that happens I'm going to start volunteering in the classroom again. It will at least give me a chance to see what he's learning before he shuts me completely out of his social life.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

School Photo portrait

My son got home today reminding me about their school. They are going to have a photo taken for a school year book. They are going to do it this coming Friday. So, I am going to dress him good I am so glad I cut his hair last week.

Anyway, They are sending us a catalog and the prices if we want to order. I was planning not to order because I know how to take pictures and again, I don't want to embarrass my kid to not to have his own pictures from school so I will just order pictures even though we don't need them. I have a thousand dollar camera here and now I am ordering photos at the school which is I don't really need but that's okay. I love my son I want him to be happy and I don't want other kids to make fun at him..

Saturday, October 2, 2010

School Fundraiser

My son have a school fundraiser. They are trying to sell cookies for 15 bucks and we think 15 dollar for one box of cookies are way to high. They over price it. Hubby don't like school fundraiser. We are paying taxes for the school district and now we are trying to sell cookies for 15 bucks a box for the school. Whoever sells a lot they get prices. How about a kid that can't sell one? They don't get prices that's why they are trying to sell lots of cookies so they can win prices for like a 5-10 dollar worth of toys. And whoever sells 20 box of cookies will have big price. What kind of prices? They are going to take the kid to CiCis Pizza WOW...what in the world. Hubby will just take my son to pizza place without any problem..

Anyway, that's what school here, that's kind of new to me because we don't do that in Philippines.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poor baby

She got a big bruise on her forehead. She was playing on the big box and fell and bump her head at the edge of the furniture. So sorry my baby. Feel so bad for her. I put ice on it and now she is playing on the ice hehehe..Glad she didn't cry anymore.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glutton For Golf Punishment

Authored by Rickey Combs

I've been a duffer for thirty years. Back on my sixteenth birthday, dad took me out to the course and gave me his old set of clubs. I had knocked a few balls around the yard since I was eight but never played anything more than par-three and miniature golf until then. That first drive off the tee got me hooked. It went far and straight landing smack in the middle of the fairway. That was the last time that happened!

I've been buying fancy clubs and super golf balls that guarantee my game will get me back to that first time off the tee. They lie! However, I'm stubborn and have committed my fortune and person to the goal of achieving one more perfect shot off the tee. My wife asks me why I punish myself to such a degree when otherwise I'm a decent fellow.

She goes with me all the time now. We are retired and I'm still an idiot whacking that little white ball in hopes that there will be that repeat of a lost moment in time where the rotten thing went where I told it to go! I think my wife tags along because she likes to see me suffer. It has to be that since she is a better golfer than me.

I taught her how to play. I taught her just what the books say and she listened. I certainly wish I could follow my own advice. We get up at dawn, have breakfast, set the home security alarm from TotalAlarmSystems.com and head for the links so that I may be embarrassed once again. This is why I really hate foursomes.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

11 months

Jolaine is now almost 11 months old. She have four teeth already. She is going to walk pretty soon. She can now take two or four steps and then crawl. Can't wait for her to walk. She is really busy she go up and down in the stairs. Love her so much. We go walking everyday now because the weather is really awesome..

Joey is been doing good at school. Every time he gets home from school he eat snacks and then take a nap and then go back to bed around 1o get up around 7:15 in the morning. Anyway, the kids are doing good. Sickness are gone thank goodness.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My New Life in Florida

Guest post written by Kim Acenburg

My husband and I recently relocated to the Sunshine State to settle in now that we’re both retired. And let me tell you, there’s definitely a reason so many people retire here—you’re never too far from the ocean, nice people and a cool breeze.

Well, we recently invited a few of our new neighbors over for a picnic at the house. I was I the kitchen making a fruit salad when I faintly heard my husband’s voice. I turned around and he was walking into the kitchen behind me. He said he’d been calling my name for a few minutes, and that I really needed to do something about my hearing. He was right—I hadn’t been hearing my best, but I wasn’t sure where to go about getting hearing aids in Naples FL.

I remember seeing a few Miracle Ear Minnesota locations near our house before we moved, but I never stopped in. I knew my brother went to Miracle Ear in Portland OR to get his fitted a few months ago, so I decided to search around for a location near me.

I finally got my hearing aids yesterday, and I feel like a new woman!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


My body is weak cause I still have a flu and I am so tired at this moment. I went groceries this morning got back home hubby and I watch movies together my kids got bored after we watch movies so we decided to go to park. We got there and all of my kids were sleeping yeah really funny! But I had to wake them up so they can play.

Anyway, when we got back I was so tired Joel was working at his laptop drawing some cabinets. He didn't go with me at the park so I didn't really enjoyed my time out there. It's nice if he would go with me so I don't get so tired chasing at them anyway, hubby is just so busy he had to work.

Anyhow, I really want to sleep rigth now but Jolaine is wide awake and she doesn't want to sleep yet.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sick again

My son get sick so fast. He got home yesterday from school coughing and he have runny nose. Now, it's spreading. Jolaine have runny nose today. I feel so bad for Jolaien because she have watery eyes and runny nose. I hope she don't get the cough.

Jodel is not sick yet so I am hoping she won't get it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

She is going to be 4!

Jodel's birthday is getting close. She is going to be four years old on October 7th. Time is really fast. My baby Jolaine is going to be one on October as well.

Anyway, I am planning to have a small party on Jodel. October 7 is Thursday. Some of my friends are working on that day so I am just going to invite few friends at hour house and celebrate her birthday.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Secure at the Movies

Thanks to Wm Rowe

I have been seeing my boyfriend for over two years now. Anyone who has ever had a long term boyfriend knows that it is almost like you are also dating his friends. Needless to say, I see my fair share of typically male oriented movies. I do not mind because we get to spend time together. We usually go out for a bit to eat and then meet up with friends to see a comedy or action type of movie.

I would say that I generally see a movie at least once a month. I can rest assured that my home will be safe when I set my home security alarm. I looked for a ADT dealers around Detroit. I can enjoy a relaxing evening with my boyfriend and a few friends. It is great to get out, even for a night. I know I would not go out nearly as often if I were worried over my home and belongings.

Movies give me something to discuss with my boyfriends' diverse group of friends without it getting awkward. We all see a movie and then can talk about it. It is a great icebreaker if I have not seen the person in a long time or have not met him personally yet. Seeing movies is an enjoyable experience for me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jodel Photo Collage

I love making photo collage specially on kids and babies. I love taking pictures! If u guys want me to take pictures of ur kids well, all u need to do is ask me wahehehe. If u don't ask then I might not do that..lol..

Anyway, I love this pics of JOdel she is so cute!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jodel and Mommy pictures

I got bored the other day so I decided to play on my camera and took some pictures of me and my daughter. I love this pictures of us. Jodel is so photogenic. When I am bored I just go outside and take some pictures of everything or take pictures of us. I love it when I get bored ♥

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dogs love Nubz Dental Treats

Dogs love Nubz Dental Treats! Made of highly digestible natural ingredients, vet-recommended. Nubz treats help clean dogs’ teeth, promote fresh breath and healthy gums, and reduce tartar. That is made in the USA, Nubz are made with real chicken with no added sugar, salt, or preservatives.

There are 18 Large size bones in one bag and can break into 36 smaller treats, ideal snack size and it's gluten-free formula.

Treat your dog with Natural NUBZ. I am really sure that they are going to love this one. BECAUSE DOGS LOVE THEM!

You can get coupons at costco monthly coupon (Costco members) Coupon value is $3.50 (GREAT price!) Valid August 19th – September 12th (Hurry while supplies last!)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Coughs and Colds

Yesterday we didn't go to church because my kids are sick. They have cough and colds and I don't want the people at church will get sick so we decided to stay home. My kids went swimming Friday afternoon and it looks they got sick because of that.

Joey is the worse one. He always get sick first and then spread it to us. He is feeling a little bit better today. I didn't hear him cough as much last night so I guess he will be okay at school.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

NASA News Program is Awesome and Informative

Thanks to Jonathon Woods

I am a space geek so I like to see my favorite NASA news program on satellite TV I got from direct.tv. It is cool to see how they are repairing the space station. I like to watch mission control, communicate with the astronauts.

I have been a NASA fan since the day they first step foot on the moon. I used to watch their entire splashdown when they would return to earth and the Navy would go, pick them up out of the water.

There is nothing more fascinating than learning about all the new galaxies, and seeing the experiments, they did on Mars. I know that it might be boring to some, but I even enjoy watching the astronauts do their experiments and explorations while they are in the space station.

I was impressed how NASA covered the two shuttle accidents. I like watching the NASA news, because they go more into detail than they do on the regular news. They show footage that is more interesting then most news channels.

The interviews that they do with the astronauts are very informative. It is interesting to hear from the astronauts themselves. The training that the astronauts go through is awesome. I never realized how much was involved until I started watching the NASA news. I also did not realize how much we rely on the data collected from NASA for the advancement in medicine.

I like the way our military has interacted with NASA. They have improved the communication technology that helps them to defend our country better. The NASA news answers all the questions I ever had

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jolaine - red swimsuit

My kids went swimming yesterday and they really enjoyed playing the water specially my Jolaine. She really love it. So, I took pictures of Jolaine. She look so cute with her red swimsuit..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shopping for Groceries

The Author of this post is Keven Bender

Shopping for groceries can be a family time out. I went shopping with my husband for many years always remembering to set my home alarm before venturing forth. Sometimes you can find a free alarm in Virginia .However, since my husband has become less interested in shopping for groceries with me, I have gone grocery shopping alone for some years.

My habits while grocery shopping with my husband have changed a little since I have gone grocery shopping by myself. While the products that I buy are still the same name brands as I bought while shopping with my husband, I occassionally forget to pick up the six pack of his favorite beer . Aside from that, my grocery shopping habits have stayed the same.

I purchase my fresh vegetables and fruits first before choosing the week's menus of fresh meats and poultry. I always go grocery shopping for a week's supply of food. When I buy staples like potatoes, rice, onions, pastas and other products that are sold in bulk, I don't repeat those purchases every week, obviously. Making a list of what I need is sometimes helpful as forgetting baking soda can mean a trip back to the store when it is time to bake.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mama is going to school

Hehehehe, yeah I am going to school next week and I can't wait to go. I am going to put Jodel and Jolaine in the day care while I am at school. That's gonna be fun so I can't wait to go next week.

Joey is having fun at school and I am so glad he loves it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Loving My Husband Means Loving His College Football Game Day Routine

Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

Growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, watching football was reserved for Sundays, occasional Mondays and Thanksgiving when the Packers were playing. However, this changed when I married my husband, a University of Michigan alumnus.

For him, watching Michigan Wolverines football on tv satellite in Washington is a Saturday morning ritual. When he lived in Seattle, this ritual started early, due to the time difference, with he and his buddies sipping on mimosas! That's not what most people picture when it comes to a bunch of guys watching a game.

Living in Minnesota now and without his fellow alumni, he can get up a little later, pick up some chips and a six-pack of beer and plop himself down on the couch before kick-off to watch College Game Day on ESPN. He always calls me into the room right before Lee Corso announces his prediction of the winner of the featured game by putting on the head gear of that team's mascot.

Last year, my dear husband was upset with the team and its numerous losses. I knew that these were the days to handle his emotions with care, especially when they faced the Ohio State Buckeyes. Still, despite the disappointment, he has renewed energy this year and I know he can't wait to watch his beloved Wolverines again as he yells, "Go Blue!"

Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school..

Joey was very excited to go to school this morning. His Daddy read him a book at his bedroom last night and when he was done reading books to Joey he went downstairs and read himself a book so he could sleep too. Joey tried to go to sleep at his bed but he just couldn't sleep so he grabbed his pillow and blanket and went downstairs with his Daddy. After playing at the computer I went downstairs and saw Joey sleeping near with his Daddy. How sweet. Joey just love his Daddy so much rather than me :P lol.

Anyway, This morning I got up around 5:45 and cooked breakfast for them. Joel and JOey ate breakfast together. Then, after they eat they got ready and wait for the bus outside around 7 this morning. I told my husband that they wait too early and again we had a little argument about it lol. Hubby saw the bus at the other side of the road around 7:20 this morning and he thought that was the bus that was going to pick JOey up but it wasn't. So Joel went back inside the house and drive Joey to the school. When they arrived at school I was trying to look at front and see if there's another bus would show up and a minute later the bus came lol. Joel was just over excited I guess I don't know but anyway, tomorrow I will wait at the front around 7:30 in the morning. The bus will come by around 7:38 so anyway, I called Joel and asked him about Joey and he said he was doing good. I can really see that he was very excited and I am sure he will do good at school.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mom and Dad just left with my two kids

They are going spend the night at their house this evening. They might go back here tomorrow or the next day. They are a little bit sick but Mom said it's okay. It was Mom that wants the kids so I let them go. And I am sure they will be fine there. They love spending time with their grand parents.

I was a little bit upset to my son this morning I was giving him the cough medicine but he won't take it. Well he did take it but he won't swallow the medicine he just kept it in his mouth. He didn't like the medicine that I gave him so, I guess I will just throw it away. There's no point for us to have a fight. If he don't take it then that's fine with me. Anyway, Mom is going to stop by at the store to get them some medicine that they love the "Tylenol" flavored Grape.

Looks like JOlaine have runny nose now...argh.. I hate it when they are sick :(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Joey have cough and runny nose. He is sick :( since yesterday. My girls kept on sneezing this morning. I hope they don't get sick. I don't feel so good this morning either. Hope all of us don't get what Joey got. I don't know why but Joey is the only one that get sick first then spread it to all of us hmm...:(..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jolaine Tinkerbell

The other day I got bored so I decided to take pictures of JOlaine since she was wearing tinkerbell costume lol..and here she is..she looks so cute.. (more photos at my facebook)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tour at School

Saturday, Joel and Joey went to Ponderosa school. Joey really had fun he meeting his teacher and his classmates and he is very excited to go to school next week. We already bought school supplies and other kinds of things he need. This weekend we are going to shop again for his new clothes and shoes. Right now he don't look so good he have runny nose hope he feel better before school start.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hud fun at Chuck E.

My two kids and I went to Chuck E. Cheeses this evening. Joey and Jodel had fun playing out there. We played there like an hour and then we went to Wallmart I bought window blinds for my kids room they broke it so I had to buy a new one. I bought some other things like picture frame and etc. On the way home we stopped by at Mc Donald's because my kids want hamburger and chicken nuggets anyway, I got so mad at them because they were extremely slow I waited like 5 minutes or so to get the kids meal can't believed it. So, anyway, that's my story this evening. We got home and I can't believed how I missed JOlaine so much hehehe..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I just enrolled my son

We went back to Ponderosa School this morning and brought all the school requirements and enroll Joey. I am so glad he is enrolled now. This weekend we are planning to go to the beach at freeport but I don't think we could go because Joey have a school tour this coming Saturday. I asked my son who he wants to go with and I asked him if he wants me go with me or his Daddy and he answered " I want Daddy to go with me" so anyway, I am glad he picked his Daddy. Joel is going to meet the teacher and other kids and they are going to show the school, cafeteria, their classroom and etc. and they are going to have fun riding in the bus together. I am sure Joey is going to have fun at school he is been wanting to ride in the bus.

Well, Jodel can't go to school yet because she is only 3 years old. So anyway, it is so hot outside once again we got back home and ate fruit salad it was good that was my delicious breakfast.

My back to school shopping experience

Post contributed by Noah Schmidt

As the summer draws to a close, it will soon once again be time to shop for back to school supplies. Like many students, this is a fond tradition in my family: I accrue a list of supplies over the summer, thinking of things I will need and checking with the school regarding what is required, and then pick a day to go out shopping with my mother. From past experiences, we know that this will be a long day out, so we start off in the morning by setting our at safewatch alarm and locking our doors prior to leaving on our shopping trip.

We go around to K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Staples, and a variety of other 'big-box' and discount stores, looking for notebooks and paper, pens and other writing utensils, high-lighters and art supplies, as well as any electronics and accessories that I may need. I gradually cross items off my list as the day advances, and the items that remain determine which stores we visit a second time around. Even with this organized system, the process usually takes us the better part of the day. We are exhausted when we finish, and celebrate by having dinner out at having accomplished this task.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I forgot it lol...

We went to the school today to enroll my kids but unfortunately I forgot to bring the requirments lol so tomorrow I have to go back to the school. We just walk to go there it is not so far away it's just behind at our house. I want to go back today but it is just so hot outside it is so humid gosh! I hate summer time...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hot Summer!

We had so much fun today. The kids went swimming and I can't believed how hot outside. Can't wait for winter.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I Pay For Everything Online

Thanks to Olga Quinn

If I did not have as Clearwireless internet bundle I would be lost when it comes to my monthly bills. I pay for just about everything over the internet. I actually signed up for the paperless statements with many companies such as Best Buy, Old Navy, and even my gas bills. I am no longer bombarded with papers all of my desk. I can deal with everything virtually and keep track of all my payments through the internet.

Using the internet to pay my bills has made life much easier and much more organized. I am able to use a spreadsheet to manage all my bills and even get monthly emails to remind me when a bill is due. I also save myself money paying bills online. I no longer have to pay for stamps or paper checks. I simply use my checking account number or check card to pay the bills.

As you could see there are many advantages of paying bills online. Many companies now offer this option no matter what bills you have to pay. Make sure you check with your company to see if they offer this amazing option. It will surely help keep your finances organized.

Driving to my friends house with kids

Last night my two girls and I went to my friends house for a get together. First , I picked up Che, Shanen, and Shawn they live 5 minutes away from our house. So anyway, Joey and Joel didn't go with us they were having fun playing checkers together. My son always spend time with his Daddy he never go with me he just go with me when we go to the park. Well, Girls are awesome..I always take my girls wherever I go and they enjoyed it too...

My friends really enjoyed my baby Jolaine everyone wanted to hold her. We got home last night around 11pm lol. Joey opened the door he waited for us (sweet). Joel was snoring out loud lol..
We had fun visiting my friends last night.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Miss America Pageant

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I'm not sure if you would call it an Awards Show but my absolute favorite would have to be Miss America. When I was little the Miss America Pageant was such a huge deal to me. It wasn't just about the clothes or the talents, it was the fact that I thought I was going to be Miss America when I grew up.

Even though that dream never came true, I still turn on my direct tv basic package year after year and watch the show. It's exciting to me to watch and remember that dream from back when I was young. My favorite part would have to be the talent competition. Since I was a little girl I've had a great appreciation for piano playing as well as singing. When I would see someone sit down at the piano and belt out some classical music or sing an opera song I would get very excited, in fact, I still do.

I've always made it a point to single one particular girl out and give her my vote throughout the show. I've had a knack my whole life of always seeing the girl I want to win make it into the top 10. Unfortunately it's very rare that she makes it through til the end. I never let that stop me from picking each and every year though.

Going to school

Next Monday I am going to enrol Joey to school (kindergarten) I was planning to enrol Jodel also but she is only 3 years old but I am not sure if she could go to school this year. She is going to be 4 on October and Jodel's doctor won't give her a shot until she turns to 4 years old. I am a little bit upset but that's okay. Well, I am hoping that she could go to school also this year.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Lobster: Our Friday Night Treat

This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

Every Friday after a long work week, my husband and I go out to eat at Red Lobster to start the weekend off right! I get off work and rush home to clean up, and then turn on the adt safewatch in New Jersey alarm again before heading out for dinner. I can hardly wait to get there to taste the delicious Lobsteritas!

When I arrive to Red Lobster, I look around to see where my husband is at. He usually gets there before I do and reserves a special table for two. Of course he has already ordered his drink which is usually a Mocha Mudslide. They are delicious too, but I still order my favorite margarita drink that is called a Lobsterita. This takes the edge off of a rough work week.

Now it is time to decide what we are eating. My husband never tries anything different; he is hooked on the seafood platter that comes with crab legs, lobster, and shrimp. I prefer to try different items such as the blackened chicken alfredo or the fried fish. Whatever I choose it is always good; Red Lobster has never let me down! Soon after ordering, the waiter brings out our all you can eat dinner biscuits. These in my opinion are the very best part of the meal. They are a cheesy garlic biscuit that is served before the meal. I usually get a couple orders of these to go, so that there is more for later.

We usually go home with a full stomach and a to-go box to finish our meal and garlic biscuits later. With superior service and outstanding food, Red Lobster is the obvious choice to go for dinner

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enjoying my time with kids

My three kids and I went to the park yesterday. We have a park close to our house. We used to walk to go over there but yesterday was a little bit hot so I decided to just drive to go there. The kids really have fun playing specially Jolaine she really loves the swing. She laugh and laugh when I put her on the swing. So cute.

We saw a cute squirrel eating nuts. Joey and Jodel was chasing the squirrel. I was sitting down at the bench and enjoyed watching my kids running around and enjoyed listening their laughter. It was windy and it was relaxing. We got home hubby was snoring lol. We ate pizza for dinner we got left over from lunch I ordered it from dominos. Gave them a bath and sleep around midnight lol.

Planning to go to Chuck E. Cheese's tomorrow with kids.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My kids are here with us again. We dropped the Joel and Jodel at Mom's house Sunday and they just got home today. Last week they stayed at Mom's house 4 days. I don't know when Mom is going to babysit them. I am pretty sure Mom is tired.

Well, today we went to the mall with my friend Daisy and met Jobil there in Willowbrook Mall. It was so good to see them. We had fun today shopping at the mall. I bought lots of stuffs. Anyway, it is always good to go shopping without kids running around lol..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Addicted to online Sudoku

Guest post written by Emily Short

I got addicted to Sudoku in college. The campus newspaper printed a Sudoku puzzle every day along with the crossword and I learned how to play and got really good at it because I’ve never been a fan of crosswords.

Since I graduated I started playing daily online. I’ll play Jigsaw Sudoku on my wildblue internet on my laptop in the mornings when I’m having my first cup of coffee to help me wake up for the day. I found this great website around the beginning of my online playing endeavors and it still serves as my go-to. But I also like to watch some strategy videos and look up tips and hints online with my wild blue too.

Last Christmas my mom gave me a couple of Soduku books and I honestly don’t just like playing it on paper in a book as much as I do online now. I guess I got hooked to the version in the paper because I would do it in huge, boring lectures and was able to still look like I was taking notes.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Babysit again

My kids got home thursday, Mom and Dad want to babysit the kids again on Monday. Well, that's okay with me as long as Mom have energy to watch my kids. They always babysit my kids. It's really good if your parents or parents-in-law's are so close to you they are going to baby sit your kids as long as they want. I am so lucky to have my in-laws that are so good to me. LOVE THEM..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buy Tickets

Hey guys, if you want to watch lakers you can get Los Angeles Lakers tickets at ticket america.com gather your friends and your family and have fun watching lakers.
If you don't like lakers? well, then get you a concert tickets instead.

Ticket America is one of the good place to get tickets online. They have all kinds of tickets you can buy, you can get Boston Celtics tickets, Houston rockets tickets and many more.

If you love to go on movie theater? You can get some ticket at their website also. I just remember that my friend invited me to watch movies with them. They always go to movie theater every other weekend. Sounds fun!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kids not home yet

I thought Mom and Dad are going to dropped my kids today but they didn't. Joel called me this afternoon and told me that they still want to stay at their grandparents house. They really enjoyed there because their cousins are there. They are going to the Zoo tomorrow and on the way back home they might drop the kids here with me. It has been been 3 days that they gone. It's gonna be four tomorrow.

Well, I am here enjoying my time with Jolaine and it's really good too. My friend visited me here Monday, Tuesday I went to visit my friends in Pearland. I had fun too while they are away from me. I didn't do anything today because I am so tired. Tomorrow my friend here invited me to go her house they party again. Well, that's gonna be fun again. We are going swimming also fun fun!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving to Charlotte

Thanks to Elizabeth Kaleney for the post.

Moving to a new city was a pleasant experience since I followed a plan of action for establishing myself in my new city. I had visited Charlotte before making my final move and had purchased my new home. Before moving with my possessions, I had called the various utilities in my new city and applied to have all services turned on before I moved. I had also bought ADT security. When I moved to my new city, my first project was to install my home system alarm and to check that it was in operating condition.

That also gave me a chance to introduce myself to my new local police department and fire department. These activities would have seemed more complicated than they actually were if I had not taken the time to make a list of what to do first, second, etc. and followed my list to the letter. When purchasing my new home, I had also made arrangements to buy home insurance protection.

Kids at Mom's!

Joey and Jodel are at Mom's because their cousin Becca and Tyler are there. So right now they are enjoying playing together. They went there since Sunday. They are supposed to be home today but I am not sure now because they don't want to go home yet. They really had fun out there.

I miss them of course but sometimes it's good for me to have a break from kids (toddlers)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Manage Your Mail

Guest blog post from Joanne Limesche

Did you know that many people have their mail stolen while away on vacation? Unfortunately, this is all too true in this day and age. Before leaving for vacation, there are certain responsibilities one has for protecting his or her home. One of those responsibilities is making sure that the mail is taken care of by a friend, family member, or neighbor. One of the best things you can do before leaving for vacation is making sure someone will take care of any mail that arrives at your home. Before leaving my own home for vacation, I always make sure to call my sister and have her pick up my mail. I do this right after setting my home security alarm system. I never want to be the one that experiences having mail be stolen. I don't think I could handle it. Imagine being the one that has his or her mail stolen. Maybe you had an employment check arrive in the mail for thousands of dollars and now it is stolen. Or, maybe someone stole all of your personal banking information right from a bank statement in your mail box. You never want this to happen to you. It is stressful, tragic, and can lead directly to identity theft. Next time you leave for vacation, do not forget to manage your mail. It can be the smartest choice you ever make! It is also smart to get a security system for your home. I got one from www.securitychoice.com and it’s working great!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby First tooth

Is coming in. She is now 8 months old and I can see that her first tooth is coming in. She have fever right now and I guess some babies get sick or will get fever when they have her first tooth..I don't really know but that's what I remember when my younger sisters and brothers. They'll get sick when they have their teeth coming in..

Jolaine is now 8 months old. I remember Jodel she had her first tooth when she was 4 months old and she walked when she was 9 months old. She was so early and I don't really remember if she got fever or not when she had her first tooth. Well, I hope Jolaine will get better. She may got her fever on the weather last couple of days. I don't know..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My favorite Italian Cooking Show

Post from my friend Vanessa Widmer

Italian food has always been a favorite of mine especially dishes rich in aromatic spices and cheese with sauces. My favorite cooking show is Lydia's Italy. Before Lydia's Italy was broadcast I was only an Italian restaurant attendee but now I am an Italian chef in the making. Lydia's style of teaching makes me believe I am there beside her able to smell chicken caramelizing in the pan or able to taste the tomato and basil seasonings she used in one of her sauces. She brings viewers into her world by introducing you to members of her family and sharing recipes that are particularly close to her heart. My favorite episode came on right after I installed my new satellite TV that I got from looking for direct tv promotions Baltimore. She was in the kitchen with her daughter who helped her make Prosciutto Di Parma. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and I almost lost myself in the conversation. Lydia has more than a way with food but a way with people. She uses her cooking to connect with the people around her, which is something any great chef should master. I especially enjoy how her show steps outside of the box by taking the viewer on the road to the different markets and vendors where she shops around for the best bargains and teaches you how to look out for the freshest produce around.

Happy Birthday Joey

My son turned five today! Wow..he is now five. Happy happy birthday Joey. He is such a good boy I love him and thankful to God the that he gave me a son. I hope that God will always bless him and help him specially when he go to school. We got him a new bicycle and he love it so much. Hope he won't break it though. His last bicycle I don't know what he did with it but he broke the wheels lol..He is pretending like his Daddy he used his Dad's tools and play on his bicycle and breaks it.

Anyway, he is happy that he have new bicycle. Tonight we are going to Chuck E. Cheeses to celebrate his b-day.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My new blog - updated everyday

Check out at deljordan.com Thanks. Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not feeling well

I don't feel so good since Saturday. My baby and I have runny nose. I have head ache my body is so weak. I don't have fever but I feel like I have one. I am sure you know what it feels like when you are going to get sick that's what I feel right now. My baby have runny nose but she is okay she don't have fever.

Joey's birthday is on Thursday. My friends and I planned to have party at our house on Thursday but I cancelled because I am not feeling good and I don't really want to have party when we are sick. It's not fun at all! I really want to celebrate his birthday with his friends because he is going to five years old but we are not. It's just bad time you know and I feel bad about it but that's okay. So anyway, I talked to them just this morning and cancelled it. We are just going to celebrate his birthday just us his family.

Jodel kept on sneezing this morning so I guess she got it now hmm..Hope it will go away soon! Hate it when I am sick! I feel so tired and lazy. My mother is not here with to help me how I wish they are with me but they are thousand miles away from me. Oh poor me!..

Friday, June 18, 2010

She is still in bed

Jolaine is still sleeping. I put her to bed around 8 O'clock last night and now she is still sleeping. It's almost 9 in the morning and I surprised she is not awake yet. She sleep so long. My two kids went to bed at 10 last night and they are already awake. I went to bed midnight and woke up around 7 this morning. I slept late and woke up early it's because I took a nap yesterday.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Friday we went to my baby's doctor. She had 3 shots poor baby. She cried so hard. My friends and I were planning to go to outlet mall in Houston but I told them that I couldn't go because of my baby. She had fever. Her legs were swollen and she was cranky. She always get fever after they gave her shots. I feel so bad for her. She felt better Sunday..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

7months old Jolaine

My Jolaine is growing. She crawls everywhere and she is now trying to stand. She is going to walk really soon. She don't have teeth yet unlike Jodel she started teething when she was 4 months and she walk ealry too when she was 9 months old. Joey and Jolaine are kinda the same. They have problems on their skin, (rashes)

Anyway, kids grow so fast, I tried to carry Joey and I can't carry him anymore because he is extremly heavy. He is going to be five years old on July 1.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Salt air

When we went to the beach couple of weeks ago my Jolaine's face cleared up. She had rashes on her face but when we went to the ocean it cleared up. It looks like salt water and salt air made her rashes dissapear. I don't know I am just guesing..

Right now she has a little rashes on her cheks but not too bad.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

First word

Jolaine is noisy..she always says Dadda. Really cute..I never heard her says Mamma yet. She talks but can't understand what she says except for Dadda lol and that's her first word. I wish it was Mamma.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Curly hair

My little girls hair are curly. So pretty and I love it. My son's hair is straight and that is good. Jolaine's hair right now is curly on the top on her head so cute. Jodel's hair is curly on the back but her hair grow very slow and I don't know why. She is almot 3 years and a half but her hair is still on her neck. Very short.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy Mommy

I am pretty busy here right now. I am folding clothes here while waiting for the laundry to be done. The dishwasher is going from last night dirty dishes. I am cooking benignet while waiting so I can have delicious desert later. My two girls are watching tv right now and my son is playing on the computer. I am going to feed my baby in a minute she just woke up.

I am pretty busy today. While doing it, I am here in my laptop on and off facebooking, blogging etc.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not eating!

I was a little bit upset of Jodel because she is not eating good and I don't know why. She is getting skinny and I don't like it. Yesterday at lunch she didn't eat. And right now she is not eating again I am a little bit worried at her she just looks weak today. I don't know why she doesn't want to eat.

Well, anyway, I am so glad hubby didn't go to work today because I don't have energy here. I am always sleepy since this morning when we went to the doctor. And hubby is been helping me a lot even though he is not okay yet.

Friday, April 2, 2010


My husband bought an LCD TV the other day. We have been using our old TV and we have been repairing it so many times and so my husband and I decided to buy a new LCD TV. We put it in our master bedroom. And I am so glad he bought a new one.

Anyway, Joel's co-worker John is going to stop by at our house this afternoon. And he is bringing LCD TV. John owe Joel (my husband) money but he couldn't pay him cash so he is bringing TV tonight. So anyway, I am looking forward to see it this evening.

Well anyway, talking about TV if you guys planning to buy LCD TVs, VCRs, DVD players and other kinds of electronics you can always visit shopwiki.com you can shop all kinds of things at shop wiki at low prices. So, Check them out!

Visiting Joseph and Tia

We went to Nel's house today. I drove Joel to his work this morning and we went to Nel's house in the Houston DOwntown area. My kids was so happy to see their friends Joseph and Tia. We didn't stay long at the Nel's house because Joel was ready to go home around 10 in the morning. So we didnt' stay long..We might go back there on Monday so they can play long together. Jodel is not feeling well yet. But she was happy to see Tia.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kids fever

Joey was sick Sunday. He had a light fever. And I guess he gave it to Jodel because she is now sick. Joey was sick for only 1 day. JOdel she is sick for 3 days now. They have been playing outside lastweek and they maybe got it from the pollens..

Well anyway, Jodel is not feeling good today..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Solid Food

I am starting to feed Jolaine solid food. I am trying to feed her cereal and gerber first food and she loves it. She makes funny faces sometimes when I feed her new foods. Funny!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Five months old

My baby is now 5 months old. Can you believe how fast baby grows? Oh my..they grow so fast. Four months old we went to her doctor and she weight 14.4. I don't breastfeed her anymore because I am having hard time breastfeeding here so I am giving her now baby formula (infamil). Next doctor's visit is on May 31.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What's for breakfast?

I woke up early this morning and cook breakfast for Joel. I cook Tocino his favorite filipino breakfast food, eggs and rice. Hmmm yummy..Joel loves tocino, danngit and also Longganisa.I woke up around 4 this morning and can't go back to sleep so I decided to cook breakfast. I am going back to sleep now..Have a good day to all!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jolaine two months and a half.

January 5, 2010 we went to Jolaine's doctor - for two months check up. She weight 11.06 Right now she is two months and a half. When everyone talks to her she'll talk back. She is really cute. We all love here! I need to post pictures later got lots of pixs in my camera.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Need to be active..

Sometimes I can't blog anymore because of I am playing too much in the computer. I have lots of blogs that needs new post every day. Playing is fun I know but I need to blog so my blog income will increase..I can't promise to blog everyday but I am hoping to post once or twice a week wahahaha! Check out my other blogs Joemadel11 and Product reviews I post there almost everyday.

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