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Saturday, August 28, 2010

NASA News Program is Awesome and Informative

Thanks to Jonathon Woods

I am a space geek so I like to see my favorite NASA news program on satellite TV I got from direct.tv. It is cool to see how they are repairing the space station. I like to watch mission control, communicate with the astronauts.

I have been a NASA fan since the day they first step foot on the moon. I used to watch their entire splashdown when they would return to earth and the Navy would go, pick them up out of the water.

There is nothing more fascinating than learning about all the new galaxies, and seeing the experiments, they did on Mars. I know that it might be boring to some, but I even enjoy watching the astronauts do their experiments and explorations while they are in the space station.

I was impressed how NASA covered the two shuttle accidents. I like watching the NASA news, because they go more into detail than they do on the regular news. They show footage that is more interesting then most news channels.

The interviews that they do with the astronauts are very informative. It is interesting to hear from the astronauts themselves. The training that the astronauts go through is awesome. I never realized how much was involved until I started watching the NASA news. I also did not realize how much we rely on the data collected from NASA for the advancement in medicine.

I like the way our military has interacted with NASA. They have improved the communication technology that helps them to defend our country better. The NASA news answers all the questions I ever had


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