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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Lobster: Our Friday Night Treat

This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

Every Friday after a long work week, my husband and I go out to eat at Red Lobster to start the weekend off right! I get off work and rush home to clean up, and then turn on the adt safewatch in New Jersey alarm again before heading out for dinner. I can hardly wait to get there to taste the delicious Lobsteritas!

When I arrive to Red Lobster, I look around to see where my husband is at. He usually gets there before I do and reserves a special table for two. Of course he has already ordered his drink which is usually a Mocha Mudslide. They are delicious too, but I still order my favorite margarita drink that is called a Lobsterita. This takes the edge off of a rough work week.

Now it is time to decide what we are eating. My husband never tries anything different; he is hooked on the seafood platter that comes with crab legs, lobster, and shrimp. I prefer to try different items such as the blackened chicken alfredo or the fried fish. Whatever I choose it is always good; Red Lobster has never let me down! Soon after ordering, the waiter brings out our all you can eat dinner biscuits. These in my opinion are the very best part of the meal. They are a cheesy garlic biscuit that is served before the meal. I usually get a couple orders of these to go, so that there is more for later.

We usually go home with a full stomach and a to-go box to finish our meal and garlic biscuits later. With superior service and outstanding food, Red Lobster is the obvious choice to go for dinner


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