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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shopping for Groceries

The Author of this post is Keven Bender

Shopping for groceries can be a family time out. I went shopping with my husband for many years always remembering to set my home alarm before venturing forth. Sometimes you can find a free alarm in Virginia .However, since my husband has become less interested in shopping for groceries with me, I have gone grocery shopping alone for some years.

My habits while grocery shopping with my husband have changed a little since I have gone grocery shopping by myself. While the products that I buy are still the same name brands as I bought while shopping with my husband, I occassionally forget to pick up the six pack of his favorite beer . Aside from that, my grocery shopping habits have stayed the same.

I purchase my fresh vegetables and fruits first before choosing the week's menus of fresh meats and poultry. I always go grocery shopping for a week's supply of food. When I buy staples like potatoes, rice, onions, pastas and other products that are sold in bulk, I don't repeat those purchases every week, obviously. Making a list of what I need is sometimes helpful as forgetting baking soda can mean a trip back to the store when it is time to bake.


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