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Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school..

Joey was very excited to go to school this morning. His Daddy read him a book at his bedroom last night and when he was done reading books to Joey he went downstairs and read himself a book so he could sleep too. Joey tried to go to sleep at his bed but he just couldn't sleep so he grabbed his pillow and blanket and went downstairs with his Daddy. After playing at the computer I went downstairs and saw Joey sleeping near with his Daddy. How sweet. Joey just love his Daddy so much rather than me :P lol.

Anyway, This morning I got up around 5:45 and cooked breakfast for them. Joel and JOey ate breakfast together. Then, after they eat they got ready and wait for the bus outside around 7 this morning. I told my husband that they wait too early and again we had a little argument about it lol. Hubby saw the bus at the other side of the road around 7:20 this morning and he thought that was the bus that was going to pick JOey up but it wasn't. So Joel went back inside the house and drive Joey to the school. When they arrived at school I was trying to look at front and see if there's another bus would show up and a minute later the bus came lol. Joel was just over excited I guess I don't know but anyway, tomorrow I will wait at the front around 7:30 in the morning. The bus will come by around 7:38 so anyway, I called Joel and asked him about Joey and he said he was doing good. I can really see that he was very excited and I am sure he will do good at school.


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