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Friday, August 6, 2010

I Pay For Everything Online

Thanks to Olga Quinn

If I did not have as Clearwireless internet bundle I would be lost when it comes to my monthly bills. I pay for just about everything over the internet. I actually signed up for the paperless statements with many companies such as Best Buy, Old Navy, and even my gas bills. I am no longer bombarded with papers all of my desk. I can deal with everything virtually and keep track of all my payments through the internet.

Using the internet to pay my bills has made life much easier and much more organized. I am able to use a spreadsheet to manage all my bills and even get monthly emails to remind me when a bill is due. I also save myself money paying bills online. I no longer have to pay for stamps or paper checks. I simply use my checking account number or check card to pay the bills.

As you could see there are many advantages of paying bills online. Many companies now offer this option no matter what bills you have to pay. Make sure you check with your company to see if they offer this amazing option. It will surely help keep your finances organized.


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