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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Loving My Husband Means Loving His College Football Game Day Routine

Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

Growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, watching football was reserved for Sundays, occasional Mondays and Thanksgiving when the Packers were playing. However, this changed when I married my husband, a University of Michigan alumnus.

For him, watching Michigan Wolverines football on tv satellite in Washington is a Saturday morning ritual. When he lived in Seattle, this ritual started early, due to the time difference, with he and his buddies sipping on mimosas! That's not what most people picture when it comes to a bunch of guys watching a game.

Living in Minnesota now and without his fellow alumni, he can get up a little later, pick up some chips and a six-pack of beer and plop himself down on the couch before kick-off to watch College Game Day on ESPN. He always calls me into the room right before Lee Corso announces his prediction of the winner of the featured game by putting on the head gear of that team's mascot.

Last year, my dear husband was upset with the team and its numerous losses. I knew that these were the days to handle his emotions with care, especially when they faced the Ohio State Buckeyes. Still, despite the disappointment, he has renewed energy this year and I know he can't wait to watch his beloved Wolverines again as he yells, "Go Blue!"


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