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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enjoying my time with kids

My three kids and I went to the park yesterday. We have a park close to our house. We used to walk to go over there but yesterday was a little bit hot so I decided to just drive to go there. The kids really have fun playing specially Jolaine she really loves the swing. She laugh and laugh when I put her on the swing. So cute.

We saw a cute squirrel eating nuts. Joey and Jodel was chasing the squirrel. I was sitting down at the bench and enjoyed watching my kids running around and enjoyed listening their laughter. It was windy and it was relaxing. We got home hubby was snoring lol. We ate pizza for dinner we got left over from lunch I ordered it from dominos. Gave them a bath and sleep around midnight lol.

Planning to go to Chuck E. Cheese's tomorrow with kids.


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