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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I just enrolled my son

We went back to Ponderosa School this morning and brought all the school requirements and enroll Joey. I am so glad he is enrolled now. This weekend we are planning to go to the beach at freeport but I don't think we could go because Joey have a school tour this coming Saturday. I asked my son who he wants to go with and I asked him if he wants me go with me or his Daddy and he answered " I want Daddy to go with me" so anyway, I am glad he picked his Daddy. Joel is going to meet the teacher and other kids and they are going to show the school, cafeteria, their classroom and etc. and they are going to have fun riding in the bus together. I am sure Joey is going to have fun at school he is been wanting to ride in the bus.

Well, Jodel can't go to school yet because she is only 3 years old. So anyway, it is so hot outside once again we got back home and ate fruit salad it was good that was my delicious breakfast.


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