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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mom and Dad just left with my two kids

They are going spend the night at their house this evening. They might go back here tomorrow or the next day. They are a little bit sick but Mom said it's okay. It was Mom that wants the kids so I let them go. And I am sure they will be fine there. They love spending time with their grand parents.

I was a little bit upset to my son this morning I was giving him the cough medicine but he won't take it. Well he did take it but he won't swallow the medicine he just kept it in his mouth. He didn't like the medicine that I gave him so, I guess I will just throw it away. There's no point for us to have a fight. If he don't take it then that's fine with me. Anyway, Mom is going to stop by at the store to get them some medicine that they love the "Tylenol" flavored Grape.

Looks like JOlaine have runny nose now...argh.. I hate it when they are sick :(

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NovaS said...

awww..that's sooo cute.. i'm sure they give joy to your parents in law....

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