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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Office - My Favorite Fall TV Show Premier

Content by Reid Dawson

My favorite fall TV show premier had to be The Office. It was by far my favorite first episode because of the new intern, Michael Scott's nephew. He only buoys my prejudice against young people and their intrinsic laziness. This is something I never understood, being that the youth are supposed to have all the energy. Yet it is a strange unsolvable paradox why those with the most energy seemingly are the most indolent amongst us. At first I thought it was the drugs, but then I realized through watching this episode that it was lack of focus.

The intern spends all his energy on music and video games, and is constantly distracted to where he does not pay any attention and screws up even the most menial tasks. This is indicative of all youth, especially my own son. As a consequence, I have decided to show him this episode of The Office over and over again strapped to a chair with his eyes pried open so they cannot blink. I also turn up the volume really loud so that he can hear it, as his ears have been damaged from years of rock concerts and other unsanitary activities.

It is only because I have satellite TV from www.tvbydirect.com/hd-receivers/ that I was able to watch this episode and do so in high definition. The decision to go with an all-inclusive package, including local channels, may have saved my family.


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