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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ready for Some Football

Thanks for the post from Kirk Wood

My husband and I love the Indianapolis Colts games, and Lucas Oil Stadium is one of the best stadiums we have ever gone to. Normally when we do not get to see a game in person, we watch the professional football games on satellite tv from www.ExpertSatellite.com dressed in our Colts hats and shirts pretending we are there. This is going to be the first game in quite a while that we get to see in person. My husband and I are taking his mom and daughter this time so it will be much more interesting. The three of us will be getting there early so we can grab some drinks and nachos and get in our seats before it gets hard to find them. Our seats are close enough that we will be able to see all the awesome players up close like Payton Manning, Austin Collie, and Adam Vinatieri. The whole team is out of this world. Even the coach for the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Caldwell, is a terrific man. Watching professional football up close and personal is the greatest way to watch the game ever. We are off to the game!


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