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Saturday, October 2, 2010

School Fundraiser

My son have a school fundraiser. They are trying to sell cookies for 15 bucks and we think 15 dollar for one box of cookies are way to high. They over price it. Hubby don't like school fundraiser. We are paying taxes for the school district and now we are trying to sell cookies for 15 bucks a box for the school. Whoever sells a lot they get prices. How about a kid that can't sell one? They don't get prices that's why they are trying to sell lots of cookies so they can win prices for like a 5-10 dollar worth of toys. And whoever sells 20 box of cookies will have big price. What kind of prices? They are going to take the kid to CiCis Pizza WOW...what in the world. Hubby will just take my son to pizza place without any problem..

Anyway, that's what school here, that's kind of new to me because we don't do that in Philippines.


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