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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tennis and Steak Dinners

Guest post by Jewel Cole

I like playing tennis and you will find my best friend and I constantly playing tennis throughout the year. Our wives like to complain that we spend too much time together and joke that maybe we really do not like women at all. We know that deep down they are grateful that we are not spending all our time drinking beer and raising havoc.

Tennis is a way to keep me mellow. If I do not get to play tennis for a few days I get anxious and restless. I am like a drug addict when they need their drugs. Before I leave the house to play tennis I set my home security alarm (MORE INFO) and then head out to my truck and then drive to the tennis courts at the park.

We always play tennis at the city park unless the weather is bad and then we will play at one of the indoor tennis courts we have here in town. Most days my best friend will meet me there and we will place tennis for a few hours. During the summertime we tend to play late into the evening.

My wife will usually call and tell us the steaks are about done and then we will rapidly head back home. A day spent playing tennis topped off with steak grilled by the wife is a great way to spend my days.


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