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Monday, July 19, 2010

Addicted to online Sudoku

Guest post written by Emily Short

I got addicted to Sudoku in college. The campus newspaper printed a Sudoku puzzle every day along with the crossword and I learned how to play and got really good at it because I’ve never been a fan of crosswords.

Since I graduated I started playing daily online. I’ll play Jigsaw Sudoku on my wildblue internet on my laptop in the mornings when I’m having my first cup of coffee to help me wake up for the day. I found this great website around the beginning of my online playing endeavors and it still serves as my go-to. But I also like to watch some strategy videos and look up tips and hints online with my wild blue too.

Last Christmas my mom gave me a couple of Soduku books and I honestly don’t just like playing it on paper in a book as much as I do online now. I guess I got hooked to the version in the paper because I would do it in huge, boring lectures and was able to still look like I was taking notes.


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