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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My favorite Italian Cooking Show

Post from my friend Vanessa Widmer

Italian food has always been a favorite of mine especially dishes rich in aromatic spices and cheese with sauces. My favorite cooking show is Lydia's Italy. Before Lydia's Italy was broadcast I was only an Italian restaurant attendee but now I am an Italian chef in the making. Lydia's style of teaching makes me believe I am there beside her able to smell chicken caramelizing in the pan or able to taste the tomato and basil seasonings she used in one of her sauces. She brings viewers into her world by introducing you to members of her family and sharing recipes that are particularly close to her heart. My favorite episode came on right after I installed my new satellite TV that I got from looking for direct tv promotions Baltimore. She was in the kitchen with her daughter who helped her make Prosciutto Di Parma. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and I almost lost myself in the conversation. Lydia has more than a way with food but a way with people. She uses her cooking to connect with the people around her, which is something any great chef should master. I especially enjoy how her show steps outside of the box by taking the viewer on the road to the different markets and vendors where she shops around for the best bargains and teaches you how to look out for the freshest produce around.


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