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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kids not home yet

I thought Mom and Dad are going to dropped my kids today but they didn't. Joel called me this afternoon and told me that they still want to stay at their grandparents house. They really enjoyed there because their cousins are there. They are going to the Zoo tomorrow and on the way back home they might drop the kids here with me. It has been been 3 days that they gone. It's gonna be four tomorrow.

Well, I am here enjoying my time with Jolaine and it's really good too. My friend visited me here Monday, Tuesday I went to visit my friends in Pearland. I had fun too while they are away from me. I didn't do anything today because I am so tired. Tomorrow my friend here invited me to go her house they party again. Well, that's gonna be fun again. We are going swimming also fun fun!


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