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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not feeling well

I don't feel so good since Saturday. My baby and I have runny nose. I have head ache my body is so weak. I don't have fever but I feel like I have one. I am sure you know what it feels like when you are going to get sick that's what I feel right now. My baby have runny nose but she is okay she don't have fever.

Joey's birthday is on Thursday. My friends and I planned to have party at our house on Thursday but I cancelled because I am not feeling good and I don't really want to have party when we are sick. It's not fun at all! I really want to celebrate his birthday with his friends because he is going to five years old but we are not. It's just bad time you know and I feel bad about it but that's okay. So anyway, I talked to them just this morning and cancelled it. We are just going to celebrate his birthday just us his family.

Jodel kept on sneezing this morning so I guess she got it now hmm..Hope it will go away soon! Hate it when I am sick! I feel so tired and lazy. My mother is not here with to help me how I wish they are with me but they are thousand miles away from me. Oh poor me!..


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