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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Upset Stomach

Joey's nurse called me yesterday afternoon after I ate lunch. I just put Jolaine to sleep and then my phone rang. The nurse said that Joey threw up all over on his shirt, pants, socks and shoes and he wants me to get him because he is sick. So we went to his school and pick him up. On the way home he threw up at the car thank goodness we had plastic bag if we don't I am sure the car would me a great mess.

We got home I gave him pepto bismol, 5 minutes later he threw up again. What's wrong on his stomach? I don't know. He have been throwin up like crazy. Joey slept with his daddy yesterday evening watching him.

This morning he threw up again..hmmmm..I feel so bad for him. There is something wrong on his stomach and I just don't know what.

Well, this afternoon he wanted to play on the computer and he seems like he is getting better I hope. And please don't share it to me, to daddy, to baby, and Jodel. We don't want it. I know having an upset stomach is not so good so please don't share it to us son. I guess he got it from school..


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