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Monday, September 27, 2010

My New Life in Florida

Guest post written by Kim Acenburg

My husband and I recently relocated to the Sunshine State to settle in now that we’re both retired. And let me tell you, there’s definitely a reason so many people retire here—you’re never too far from the ocean, nice people and a cool breeze.

Well, we recently invited a few of our new neighbors over for a picnic at the house. I was I the kitchen making a fruit salad when I faintly heard my husband’s voice. I turned around and he was walking into the kitchen behind me. He said he’d been calling my name for a few minutes, and that I really needed to do something about my hearing. He was right—I hadn’t been hearing my best, but I wasn’t sure where to go about getting hearing aids in Naples FL.

I remember seeing a few Miracle Ear Minnesota locations near our house before we moved, but I never stopped in. I knew my brother went to Miracle Ear in Portland OR to get his fitted a few months ago, so I decided to search around for a location near me.

I finally got my hearing aids yesterday, and I feel like a new woman!


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