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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby carriers

I bought a baby carrier when my son was a baby so I could carry him at my back. We bought one at the store and we love using it and it was very easy to use. Joel was the one carrying the baby with the baby carrier most of the time. Then, we gave it to Joel's nephew Mike when Joey got bigger. I am sure they are using it a lot they have 3 kids already and fixing to be four. Mike's wife is pregnant again and their kids are all girls.

Anyway, We thought we are not going to have another baby so we gave it away and I am sure they have been using it. Baby carriers, backpack slings, infant hip carrier - they are good to use especially if you got twins lol.. If you are planning for a vacation and needs a lot of walking with your baby? Well I would suggest for you to buy a baby carrier or a backpack sling.


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