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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I Stay Up On the Latest CSI Episodes

Guest written by our friend Jan Chandler

CSI is a TV show that has taken the world by storm it seems. Everyone is trying to get a peak into the way a Crime Scene Investigation unit works by watching this hit series. Many just admire Horacio and his team members, but whatever the case it's a show that will have you hungry for the next episode.

Of course I watch this on HD which is a feature included in one of the plans that the satellite company offered me. It's the best way to watch it as it feels like you're right there in the lab with them watching them embark upon each move like an unpredictable chess game between two geniuses.

Quick CSI Reminder: NBC releases episodes of CSI as well, but there are premium movie channels that air other new episodes that NBC doesn't air. Either way, to get the ultimate experience, you do need HD which comes through your local satellite provider.

The reason HD is so highly recommended is that the analog version doesn't show fine details and there are a lot of those during any crime scene investigation that you watch on television from DirectStarTv.com.


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