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Monday, October 24, 2011


Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

I was on the phone talking to HOME SECURITY FAMILY about getting an alarm system installed when I heard a loud crash in the other room. As soon as I got off the phone with the representative and had made an appointment for them to come out next week, I peeked in the other room to see what the crash was. A jade tree that I had growing in the conservatory was on the ground. The plant stand was knocked over and the beautiful old Imari ceramic pot that it was growing in was smashed into a ton of little pieces. I have been growing that jade tree for years and it had just started to get big. For some reason, they are really hard to grown. My kids weren’t home, so I knew that they hadn’t been throwing the football in the house ( yes, a problem at our home sometimes). I thought about who the next culprit could be and then I saw Ruffles, our cat in the corner. He looked totally guilty. I was shocked that he had been able to knock over the plant stand. He usually never causes any problems in the house!


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