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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Content by Kyle Lowe

My mother in law recently retired after working over thirty years for the same company. When she retired, she got a really nice bonus. She told us that she wants to take our whole family on a vacation. She said that she has been watching the Travel Channel on direct tv trying to find a great vacation spot. After watching several different “top beaches” shows, she has decided to take us to Hawaii. She said they have a lot of really nice resorts on the beach. She and I can lay out all day long while the boys do boring stuff like pay golf. She said that most of the resorts have restaurants and spas too. This sounds like it is going to be the perfect vacation. I have never been to Hawaii before and I am so excited. It makes it even better that she told us that we cannot pay for anything. I got along pretty well with my mother in law before, but now that she is going to take us to Hawaii, we get along even better.


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