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Friday, April 20, 2018

Almost had a wreck

Okay guys let me tell you a story that happened today. Joanne is start of the week this week and she wants me to go to her school and drop her off early so I said yes. Jolaine wants to ride in the bus they were arguing but I said no so on our way to school I was on the T road and saw this truck coming had his right blinker on I said hmmm he's gonna turn on this road I am at so I will just go ahead and go and I was wrong he was going right in shell station after the road I am at so I hit the pedal was almost in middle of road and almost hit me and he slammed his break real fast heard this loud noise breaks dang Madelaine why did u do that I almost had an accident the guy almost him me and thankfully he got away from me and I am so thankful to GOD because he do watches over me and my children. It's my lesson today to be patience and not to rush. Lord thank u so much if the guy didn't pay attention I would have been in hospital today or be dead and my kids probably are injured but God protects me and my children he loves us.

Lesson learn: Be patient!!!!!

Jodel, Jolaine and Joanne God loves u very much....he takes u away from Danger...I am so thankful


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