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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids Fever

Joey has a fever and it was extremely high this morning. I checked his temperature and it was 102.7F I was so worried. I gave him Children's Motrin and it seems like his fever is going down. He was complaining about his ear the whole night. He said his ear was hurt. He has an air infection I guess. I have a heating pad here and I let him lay down on it and it looks like it helping him.

Right now, he got up from his bed and watch TV looks like he is getting better. His fever goes up and down. I am going to cook him breakfast in a minute and I hope he'll eat. I really don't like when Joey get sick because he loses weight. He doesn't like to eat.

I didn't sleep so good last night hubby wanted to care of Joey but I didn't let him because he have work today and I don't want him to get tired so I watched Joey the whole night last night. So hard when your kids are sick. Well, what's funny is, Jodel is not sick. She is more healthier than Joey. My son is just too picky that's all!!!!!!!


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