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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Regular Flu

Yesterday afternoon Joey's fever went up to 103.1F he was so hot. I gave him a bath b/c his body was just too hot. He was playing on the bathtub. After 10 minutes in the water I took him out and put him on his bed checked his temperature and it was down to 99.6F I feel better. Joel came from work to check on Joey he wanted to make sure that Joey is doing good then after an hour he went back to work.

I lay down on the bed about 1pm and I fell asleep woke up about 3:30 in the afternoon. I checked on Joey and he was hot again his fever went up to 101.7 and I was scared a little bit because his fever just won't go away. It goes up and down and I finally decided to call the doctor and made an appointment. I called Joel right away and told him that I made an appointment to the doctor and told him to go home right away so we could go. He went home pick us up and then went straight to the woodlands from where the doctor's office. I am so glad we made it. We arrived there @ 4:31pm

Doctor checked on him and got some test. He got a regular flu. He prescribed us medicine for Joey and for Jodel. He doesn't want Jodel to get the flu so we are giving her medicine to prevent her from getting sick.

The medicine called TAMIFLU is very expensive. We got the medicine at the Walgreen's and it cost us 60 dollar each. We got two bottles for Joey and Jodel. The other one is the Amoxicillin for Joey and it cost 10 dollar - copay.

Total cost for the medicine is 130 dollar that is just the copay. I don't know how much it cost if we don't have insurance I am pretty sure it would cost us more if we don't.

Well, I am so glad we took him to the doctor yesterday. I got so tired last night I went to bed right away. Joel took care of Joey last night and I hope he is not tired today.

Joey was hot this morning again I gave him the medicines. Right this minute, he is playing and playing like he is not sick. I hope I don't get the flu.


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