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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The door's locked!

Yesterday afternoon, I was cleaning our patio outside while Jolaine my 18 months old baby watching toystory inside..Then, when I was done cleaning I was gonna go inside but I couldn't open the door she locked it. I got panic! She was inside by herself crying. I don't have a key and a cellphone standing outside the door. Then a minute later, Marcie's car our neighbor was just got in thank goodness so I asked her if I could barrow her phone so I could call my husband and so I did called Joel asking him to go home quick cause my baby was inside the house by herself crying and screaming while calling Mama..Well, I returned the phone to my neighbor and tried to talk to Jolaine to open the door calmly two minutes later she did! Wow I got in..So, I called Joel again telling him to not to go home. Thank goodness she did or if she didn't open the door she was going to cry inside for about 45minutes.. She was just there crying for about 10 minutes.

Jolaine can do lots of things now, she can open the door, lock the door, climb everywhere, oh my she into everything. It's so hard to handle especially when we go out to eat I am having a hard time..really...


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