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Monday, August 29, 2011

Got it down

This guest post from Doris Dillon

I have to say that I thought I finally had this moving to a new house thing down. Everything about this upcoming move of mine to Texas has been easy. I found a great energy service provider (if you want a great informational website try SHOPELECTRICITYRATESTEXAS.com), a great deal on cable, and a great house. However, once I got here it seemed like I had forgotten to do a million little things. I had forgotten to re-route all of my mail, so I didn’t receive bills for several weeks. This wouldn’t have been a huge deal if they wouldn’t have started cutting off all of my appliances! I guess looking back on it now it was kind of funny, but at the time it was pretty overwhelming. Another thing that I forgot to do was bring a box of things that I would need right away (light bulbs, kitchenware, etc.). I would definitely recommend doing those things to anyone thinking about moving soon! Otherwise you’ll end up pretty frustrated- just like me!


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