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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping toys organized

First thing is first: The big deep toy chest just doesn't work for keeping kids toys organized. Why? Because you can't have the same place for everything especially if you are going to try to find the tiny little army men among the big remote control trucks. Just like when organizing a kitchen keep like toys with like. Group them by set and by size. Avoid using containers with lids, especially if you have small children. Taking off the lid to put something away is just an extra step that will probably decrease the chances that your kids are going to put things away. See through (clear) containers are good for small toys such as matchbox cars, Barbie doll clothes, etc rather than taking the time to label the containers. If your kids like to play legos or Barbies are everywhere than invest in a container on wheels so they can put away the toys where they are playing with them.


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