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Sunday, March 29, 2009

About my siblings!!!

I accept that we are not wealthy in Philippines but I thank God because we can still be able to eat 3 times a day. I have lots of brothers and sisters. Some
of them are married already and some of them are still young and studying.

My older brother Junior has 3 kids already and he is one of a tourist guide in Bohol. He live in Tagbilaran City. If you go to Bohol don't forget to contact me and mabye he will give you a discount he is going to tour you around Bohol.

My older sister ( Arlene)died when she was 16 years old. (She is probably in 30's right now if she is still alive.)She was studying in Private High School in Saint Antony Academy in Batuan Bohol. She died before their graduation day. It was so sad. I really missed her.

My other brother Gordon he was also studying in Private high school in Saint Antony Academy in Batual Bohol. He went College in Tagbilaran City took the course PMI
He didn't finish his school because he got married. He have
one kid after the baby was born he died. He was driving on a motorcyle and they had an accident. They brought him to Cebu because nobody will accept him
in Bohol. (grabe na kaayo sya)He died on the boat. 'Twas so sad to hear about it. I missed him he was a good brother of mine..

My other brother James. He was also studying College in Tagbilaran City. Took the course PMI but he didn't finish his school. He went to Manila working and went
to trained as a security guard and now he is in manila working as a security guard. He is married already and have two boys. His wife is in Canada working. Ate Rose planned to Petition my brother. I hope they don't have problem and
I hope he can go in Canada too so all the family will be together.

Anyway, my brother Abraham is also in manila right now working in the Appliances Company he is also married and have two boys.

Now it's about me, I was studying Private School in Bohol. BCI unfortunately, I
didn't finish my college I quit due to some reason and my number two reason my friend in Manila called me and offered me a job. I was in Manila for 3 years working in Appliances (cashier and sales clerk that was my job. I missed my job because it was really fun.

Joel and I known each other when I was 20 years old. We talk and chat each other after work. He came to see me when I was 21 years old. I had my 22 birthday here in US. You can read the story of us by visiting here or click the photos of Joel and I at the left side bar.
Anyway, I am so happy of my life right now surrounded by
friends and families. I didn't really regret that I didn't finish my school.

My younger brother Urs is in Manila right now working as a security guard he have one baby boy. My other two sisters Lucielle has one girl and Lucienne 3 boys. They are both married and both of their husbands are working as a security guard. I don't know why most of them are security lol...

My other Siter Peremil is Studying in private college right now. She is taking hotel restaurant management. She is going to graduate this April.

The rest of my brother and sister's are still studying
high school and elementary...

I am happy that I have lots of brothers and sisters. We are planning to have a family reunion next year 2010..Hope all of my family can attend. I miss all of them..

My father has no job. He is pastor and I don't know how my parents raised us.
Well, He have lots of friends around United States. Some of his friends and fellow pastors supported him on his missions. He went to Tennessee 4 years ago. They had a fellowship in Tennessee while he was in Tennessee he decided to visit me here in Houston. Can't wait for him to go back here again.
I remember when I was a little there were lots of Americans visited in our house. And that's how we meet Joel's father. He is one of our guest in our homeland..

Now, you know all about my brothers and sisters. I shared it all with y'all so you will know all about me and my family. Some people doesn't know us, they judge us without knowing us.

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