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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Story of Joel And Madel Jordan

Nothing to do today so I decided to write a story of Joel and I on this blog (a short summary hehe)
This is my husband and I. This is our first picture together. That is why I love this picture of us. Guess where we are on this picture? Hmmm..Okay I'll tell you where. We were at Intramorous Manila hahaha.
(Our history)
Joel's father actually introduced me to his son Joel (my husband). He is a missionary in the Philippines that is why we know him. Joel's Dad told Joel about me that I was a very nice girl (daw) then Joel's Dad put all of his Philippine Trip photos on his church. Joel always saw my picture every time he go to church and then, the next year Joel's Dad went back to Philippines again ( he always go every year) Joel planned to go with him to meet me but he was busy because he bought a house so he couldn't go.

So Joel gave his Dad a picture and email add on the back. When Joel's Dad arrived in Philippines he contacted me and I was wondering why? So, when we meet together he gave me a picture of his son asking me if I am interested of writing him hahaha.. So, I went back home and wrote him a letter. From that Day we started chatting on the Internet and talking on the phone.

Six months later since we wrote and talked each other on the Internet he decided to meet me in person.

Joel went to Philippines on September 1, 2003 to meet me in person. Then, he went back to attend my birthday party on March 11, 2004 We were engaged at that time. He went back to Philippines again on July 19, 2004 his birthday and I was his b-day gift hahaha.

July 24, I came here in Houston. July 31 we got married.

July 1, 2005 We have a beautiful son Joel Jr. and on October 7, 2006 we have Jodel.
I am so blessed because of them.
I didn't find Joel, I didn't search him on the Internet he just came to my life. And I am so blessed because of my husband and my two beautiful kids.

Now, if you are broken hearted? don't worry about it guys, your partner in your life will come to you just be patience. God has plan to all of us so, don't worry about everything.


blessedmom said...

ohhh that was so sweet! i like ur love story :) and ur kids are beautiful too! cutee! they're sweet to each other :)

hey friend, thanks a lot for droppin by and taking time to read my posts...and leave a nice comment...i appreciate it a lot! :)

take care! have a blessed weekend! :)

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