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Monday, February 2, 2009

Saturday Night Photos

Grace Temporary b-day party. She is going to have a second b-day party on February 14. She is going to blow 26 candles on 14 too. She need to bring an oxygen tank so she can have more air to blow lol.

Anway, Thanks Gina for the Pictures you sent me. Love all of our photos.

From Left Grace, Ketleen, Gina, nora and Madel hehehe

Madel, Jobil and Gina Jobil is the tallest on our group lol..I don't know who is the shorter.

This is Madel...(me) how do I look? ( morag hubog waaaaaaa )


Grace said...

Madel is the model in our group because she poses the best! Thanks to Madel, Jobil, Gina, Nora, and Cake for coming last Sat! That was a lot of fun!

Texas Spice Gurls said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...model daw hekhek...bitaw thanks grace..for the compliment..

Thanks sad sa pagkuha naku kay if wala ko nimo kuhaa deli ko makauban..salamat sad ni Jobil kay gedropped off sad kos iya...

Enjoy kaayo..


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