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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day To all!!!

I hope everyone is having fun today. And to my friends Gina, Nora, Jobil, Grace, Lisa and to all of my other friends I want to apologized for not coming to the Valentines Day Party today.

And the reason why I didn't go it is because of my husband. He wants to spend time with me and our kids. And I feel so bad for not going to the party I have no choice, hubby is my hubby, if he says no it means no period. And I respect his decision because he is my husband.

So, next time nalang friends and I apologized talaga. (Dami pang days na makapaghang out tayo)

And to all people, happy Valentines to all of you! Wish you all hapiness!!!!

From Madel


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