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Monday, February 2, 2009

Can you sing?

I know almost all of the Filipino people loves to sing even if they don't have a good voice. Singing is fun I know that.

I love to sing but my voice is not good enough lol. I have lots of friends that can sing really good like Jobil. She really is a good singer. She sings really good. She has a very nice and soft voice and I really love her voice. She is a proffesional singer!

Elena - Gina's friend. She has a very nice voice too it makes me want to go to sleep when I heard her sing because she have a very nice and soft voice. Wow, I love her voice that is what you're going to say when you hear them sing.


Grace said...

Yeah, Jobil has a very nice voice!

Anonymous said...

bitaw grace nindot kaayo iya voice pang professional gyud..

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