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Monday, February 16, 2009

What is your favorite color?

Colors play an important role in our daily life. It is believed that different colors reflect different personalities.

The 3 primary colors are RED, YELLOW, BLUE. With the intersection of these primary colors, we get another set of colors, which are ORANGE, GREEN, VIOLET and are termed as Secondary colors. It's the spectrum or color wheel that is divided in Hot and Cool colors.

Yellow, orange, red are considered to be hot colors and often are linked with hot temperament and anger.

Blue to violets are cool ones, which are very relaxing. Blue, the color of sky and sea gives a vast ambience of freeness and space, thats why shades and tints of blues are mostly found in the bedroom walls.

Green color, which is an extract of yellow and blue color is highly related with calmness and soothing effect. It also reflects progressive attitude of a person. It helps us to be patient and remain fresh. This secondary color helps in meditation and concentration and reduces stress. Red color is the color of love, danger, blood, arrogance.

Pastel shades on the other hand are soft ones that touches the heart and eyes.

Black, reflects darkness, aggressiveness, revolutionary, rebelious attitude.

White, symbolizes purity, peace and serenity.

Thus in short colors are very much related to our personality and mood. One's nature can be judged by the liking of his / her colors.

My Favorite color is RED. I just love red!


Roms said...

I like black and it does not always mean negative. It the black color that makes every light colors more stronger in other words a sign of reinforcing other's character...

blessedmom said...

hi there madel! thanks a lot for the visit! i appreciate it :) i've added ur blog to my list...don't forget to add mine ha? :) thanks again! take care! :)

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