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Monday, July 27, 2009

Doctor's Check up

Yesterday, we went to my doctor's office for a prenatal check up. The baby is doing great, so active and kicking a lot. I am doing great. After my doctor's appointment, we went to the Lab for a blood test. They gave me one bottle of juice and drink it for about 5 minutes and then wait for one hour 'till they do the blood test. We got bored for an hour lol waiting.

We got out in there for about 10:45 Am and went straight to Methodist Hospital and register. It took us 30 minutes there.

We got hungry and eat somewhere then we went straight to Magnolia. Hubby dropped me at Mom and Dad’s house and spent the rest of the day at their house. Joel work at conroe.

Today, we are going to Houston Museum of Natural Science. Joey really wants to go there so I am going to take them there.


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