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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kids playing online

Joey always love to play online. He always play on the computer game every time and he enjoyed doing it. He has been playing on the games at sprout online, thomas and friends games and at pbs kids online. He got tired of playing at sprout because it plays the same game and also the thomas. What he loves the most is at the pbskids online. But at pbs kids there is only 15 days trial for you to play but after that you have to subscribe and pay like 79 dollar for one year and if you don't want to pay for the whole year you can pay every month for about 9.99 a month.

Joey has been asking for us to subscribe to the pbs kids so he can play and yesterday we finally did. For only 9.99 a month is not that much so hubby and I agreed to try it. Pbs kids play is an online learning tool for kids age 3-6. Joey already know how to work the computer and the keyboard so I don't worry about anything if he messes up. He really loves playing with it, and I hope he learns more from it.

Anyway, if you guys wants to try it for your kids you can go to pbskids.org and try it for 15 days free.


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