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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Blessing!

Yes! A baby is a blessing and I am going to have another baby. My Due date is on November can't wait to see Jarmin or Jasmine. (Boy or girl name) My kids are very excited for the baby to come they always ask me why it takes so long for the baby to come:) lol I told them that's gonna be an early Christmas present for them.
I am so excited I have been wanting to have another one and I am hoping for a boy but if it is a girl that's fine too. Whatever God give me I'll accept it.

Anyway, about the morning sickness I'll get sick if I don't eat that's why I have been eating a lot lately ( no diet2x )and so far I got sick two times only. Not in house but in the car lol. When we go out the traffic will get me I hate traffic especially when I am preggy.
My son was 9lbs. and 3 ounces and my girl was 8.3 they were big babies when they were born and I hope this one is not as big as them...


Anonymous said...

Wow Day, congrats..tulo na imo anak maayo na..para daghan..

maxiVelasco said...

hello madz! thank you for visiting my blog. i really appreciate it.

good luck on your pregnancy. a baby is indeed a blessing!

have a healthy pregnancy! take care... see you around more often.

maxi of www.ovahcoffee.com and www.healthnbeyond.com

Anonymous said...

Your husband's and your story is so beautiful. Have a wonderful Resurrection Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your Sis-n-law,

Anonymous said...

Tell your kids that the baby is still cooking inside the microwave. It will take a while so they will be pretty and handsome like them when it comes out.

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