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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get paid to post your resume

My friend from LA she got laid-off from her work and now she is looking for a new job. It was really bad but I hope she gets a new job pretty soon.

Anyway, I need to tell her about resumark.com that is really interesting website. You can post your resume at their web and get paid to look for a job. That is pretty cool.

Job seekers make $1 every time employers download their resume. You can also invite your friends and make $.50 cents each time their resumes are downloaded. So, If you are looking for a job online don't forget to stop by at their website today and post resume online!

They also have a contest right now – the first person to bring them 100 legitimate registrations with resumes gets $500. So check it out today and create resume at resumark.

Their website is featured on the news from CNBC to Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.


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