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Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is a Jackfruit from a Tree. That is a ripe one. When you open a jackfruit this is what it looks like the photo below.

Then you will take the fruit from the body and this is wht it looks like the photo below. Jackfruit is the best fruit that you can eat. They are very very good, and sweet and yummy. I always love it.

Friday, I was craving for Jackfruit. I went to hongkong Market in Veterans Memorial and found this Jackfruit. And oh man! I was very excited to open it I thought it was good but it wasn't. It was bad I bought it for about 22.08 bucks and I feel like I was wasting my money. It wasn't good at all I was very dissapointed. If you guys buys Jackfruit at hongkong market you need to be careful because they are selling Jackfruit that is bad. It really looks good outside but inside it is not good. And they are very expensive and you can't eat it. That was a waste of money.(Naahat og kahinog deli pa guwang gepahinog lang) I think I am going back to hongkong market today and see if I could exchange it or refund it. I hope I can...:)


Anonymous said...

Day Madz, ganahan bitaw sad kog nangka uy lami ayo..sayanga ato uy uli nalang to hehe..


romy said...

Wow! i smelt the hmmm! Have you tried vacuum fried jackfruit?

romy said...

Pero sayang... Did they exchange it?

Anonymous said...
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Texas Girl said...

gausik2x lang gyud warta pwede raba unta exchange to kaso ang recibo toa sa basurahan gilabog hahaha deli na kaykayon lol..

psycha said...

Hi. just dropped here and read some of your post

you have bought the perfect one. Tamang tama lang ang pagkahinog. Ang sarap at siguro ang bango nyan

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