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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Picky eaters

Last night I made a beef stew and it smells really good and tasted really yummy but my problem is my son. Every time I cook something different my son would always say that "Mommy I am not hungry" even though he is hungry he says that because he knows that I am cooking something that he doesn't like.

If I cook spaghetti, pizza, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese and the foods that he really likes he is very excited to eat it. He never likes to eat foods with vegetables on it. And I am so worried about his health. I want him to eat foods that are healthy. Every time I cook something we like I have to cook something else that my son would love and that's a lot of work.

How do I get him to eat the foods that I give him without a fight?
How do I get him to try new foods every day?

As a Parent I am so concern about my children's health. And I have lots of questions about parenting.

Anyway, I have found this website today called parents connect. It is really interesting website because they are talking about parenting, pregnancy, baby and toddler etc. They have tips and advice and I tried to research my question and the answers are already there I might try to do what they said and we’ll see if it works or not. Their website parentsconnect.com check it out!


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