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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I can drive now!!!

Yup, I can drive now with someone on my side (heheehe,)I took the written exam today for the first time at DPS and I passed. I have 2 mistakes only. The question was very easy. Their was two questions that made me confused that is why It wasn't perfect. Two mistakes is not bad! huh???

Their is one girl that I met in DPS she also took the exam but she failed. That was her second time to try to take an exam but she failed again. She got 55percent only. I feel so bad for her. Hope she pass next time..

Anyway, now that I have Instruction permit (learner's permit) I need to focus on driving this month. By May or June I need to take a driver's exam again to get a driver's license. Wish me luck!

My next important thing to do is to be an American Citizen..Need to do it as soon as possible!!!!


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